Concerns over use of 0ff-road motorbikes

One of our readers, Pete Ches, has contacted us asking:

Anyone else noticed off road bikes (about 3-4 of them) being ridden from Moor Lane up around the primary school and into Bramcote Woods/Park? Seems to be late afternoons/early evenings. Not sure where they go – hopefully they’re not damaging the woods and park.

It seemed like they got through the pedestrian gate to the primary school, then up the grass bank to the edge of the woods.

Pete hasn’t reported this to the police as he’s not sure if it’s a one-off situation or a regular issue so reader comments welcomed.



  1. Two of these bikes were out in Bramcote this evening (Monday 16th). I saw them on the former school playing fields on Moor Lane around 7.15pm before they left at speed along the bridleway heading in the direction of Balloon Woods. I heard them a few minutes later and it sounded like they were travelling along the canal footpath towards Trowell Garden Centre. I’ll pass on details to the Police as this is not an isolated incident.


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