Do you use local buses?

If so, Councillor Steve Carr is urging you share your views – before 13 August – with Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City Councils.

Steve says, “Residents are being asked for their views to help shape the future of bus services in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham.

The County and City Council are running a consultation in partnership with local bus operators which will help to improve bus services and encourage more people to use them.

This is a great opportunity for residents to have their say about the demise of the L10 and L11, the inadequate replacement service (the 13) and what we need for the future.”

Click Below to provide your feedback.


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  1. 1) The i4 to Derby – mon to sat – NO service from 18.37 to 19.50 ! 2) Wollaton Road , Beeston – needs a frequent link from Derby Road to the Beeston Transport Hub where a wide selection of transport options are available . Why not redirect every 3rd NCT 35 ?


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