Bin Collection Update

From Broxtowe Borough Council Latest News at 4.43pm Today: Since Monday 19 July, unfortunately we have had to suspend our glass, garden waste, missed bins collection services as well as bin repairs/deliveries. This has allowed us to maintain the key residual and recycling services as planned which are our priority services.

On Saturday 24 July we will be working to try and catch up on missed residual/recycling collections. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to undertake any kerbside garden waste or glass collections.

Any suspended glass and garden waste services will now be collected on the next scheduled collection so please return any bins left out back onto your property.

If any services continue to be affected from Monday 26 July we will update residents accordingly.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your ongoing support during this very difficult time.


  1. As we have paid extra for the garden waste collections, do we get a refund for dates service not provided.


    1. R Hurst – two weeks later and there’s no response.
      As you say, this is a discretionary service where we have paid an extra subscription (increased for 2021-2) on top of thye increased council tax for a stated level, and frequency, of that service and both the council and paid-up customers entered into a contract regarding this service provision.
      Would any borough councillors who read/post here like to respond on this point?


    2. Still no response from our borough councillors on here after 4 weeks.
      And now we have more failed garden bin collections today.
      Checking the T&Cs of the garden waste collection service on Broxtowe Council website, the council’s contractual undertaking to provide a standard and frequency of service has been broken again. I accept there may be Covid-pinging difficulties but this is still a breach of contract related to a discretionary service for which residents have been been charged extra.


      1. My garden waste bin was emptied at 6.45am this morning (Saturday). Still waiting for glass recycling to be emptied.


  2. Lib- Dems tend not to make comments when there i are negative comments that are true.

    It would be interesting to know if any of our councillors are on the relevant committee. But if not, the Deputy Leader of the council is a Bramcote Councillor in some shape or form


    1. And……still no public response on here from council/councillors despite having had some 6 weeks to mull it over.


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