Russley Road Parking Enforcement Arrives!

At the start of the year we advised of Nottinghamshire County Council’s consultation following complaints of parking causing obstruction at the bottom of Russley Road and in April we updated the “consultation had been approved and work at the junction will commence shortly”.

My neighbour recently enquired with the council how long the process would take and they replied on 12 July:

“This location is a scheme that we be consulting on this financial year and we hope that the lines will be laid / enforceable in the latter part of the current financial year. The introduction of new parking restrictions (yellow lines) is unfortunately not the quick process it may seem. The following steps explain the process that the Authority are legally bound to follow and timescales:

  1. Designing the scheme – 1 month.
  2. Consultation with any residents / premises immediately affected by the scheme, Emergency Services, Bus Companies, Local Borough Council – 1 month.
  3. Advertisement of the proposals on site and in the local press – 1 month.
  4. Consideration of objections / writing a report which has to be signed off by Upper Management – 2 month.
  5. Raising of the Legal Order which makes the restrictions enforceable – 2 months (during which time we also need to organise the works for laying the markings and secure a window for the onsite works).

Sometimes if there are a high level of objections to the proposals, the design / layout of the scheme may need to be amended. This is quite common and once the scheme has been redesigned, we need to re-consult which normally takes a further month. So from design to implementation can take roughly 7 months, assuming that the designer is able to solely work on the project and isn’t delayed by other work; which unfortunately isn’t the case. Hence we err on the side of caution and state that most schemes take 9 to 10 months from start to finish.

But on driving to the shops this morning I see the work has now taken place!



  1. I suggested this a couple of years ago and my suggestion was met with little enthusiasm, but I’m pleased that it’s been implemented at last. My only reservations are: 1. Will motorists respect the double yellow lines?; 2. Who will enforce the regulations if they are violated?


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