Planning Permission Sought for Replacement Mobile Phone Mast in Bramcote Hills Park

Michael Lyons writes: I’ve just noticed this planning application on the Borough Council’s Planning Portal.

Application Details – Ref: 21/00560/FUL – Removal of existing monopole and other ancillary equipment and replacement with 25m high high lattice tower with installation of 18 antennas and 3 dishes. Relocation of 3 antennas, 2 dishes and other ancillary equipment onto new tower, installation of an equipment cabinet, 2 ERS racks and ancillary equipment and installation of 2.4m high palisade fence.

The current mast is situated behind Bramcote Leisure Centre and the proposal more or less doubles the current installation’s footprint as well as creating a more visually intrusive taller and wider grey steel structure into our valued green open space. The proposals are somewhat mute upon the amount of groundwork required to level the site in preparation for laying the 5.25×5.25m concrete slab foundations and the tree works necessary on the surrounding mature oak trees which overhang the site!

These pdfs give the existing and proposed elevations:

I assume this is a public consultation but there is no Consultation Period recorded. Could one of our councillors advise?


  1. We should welcome this useful upgrade of a sometimes life-saving service wihch may give more benefits e.g. increased land leaseage income for our Borough Council .


  2. Might it be worth looking at at a site on the top of the ridge which would reduce the mast height needed.?
    The downside would be the cost of extending the cabling,: on balance I’d favour the application as stands but happy to represent residents opinions if there’s a significant concern.

    Cllr. Ian Tyler


  3. A mobile phone mast already exists on the site so I’m not arguing against its replacement in principle or that it should be relocated to somewhere else in the park but that the application is incomplete and what has been submitted contains inconsistent information. The supporting documents contains reference to the removal of the existing 22.5m lattice mast with 6 antennas and its replacement with a 22.5m monopole with 12 antennas and the installation of ancillary equipment!
    Surely any application for development in the Greenbelt, which also happens to be within a heavily treed area of the park, should be accompanied by an Environment Impact Assessment, Tree Survey, Bat Survey, etc?
    Without these the question remains is north west of the current compound the best option available, as opposed to any other points of the compass?


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