Pictured above is Trustee/Secretary, Sylvia Ritchie, making use of the service

It is with deep regret that the Directors/Trustees of Beeston Shopmobility reluctantly have had to close the service. This is solely because we cannot find permanent premises from which to operate. We have been issued, by Broxtowe Borough Council, a Licence to Store our scooters in the Explore Learning premises since December 2020 when Oban House (our previous location) closed, but the ‘Town Centre Board’ stipulated that a Lease to use these premises for the Shopmobility service would only be granted for 6 months followed by a 3 months rolling lease, dependent on the amount of people using us.

This is a situation the Directors/Trustees could not agree to. We have had to move premises 5 times in the last 10 years putting a great strain on the aged Volunteers who have gallantly organised and run the Shopmobility service for the last 20 years.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all our unpaid Volunteers past and present and apologies to all our members with disabilities who in the past have enjoyed the ability, with our scooters etc, to shop, meet friends and enjoy the services in Beeston.

Trustees: Nick Doughty

              Sylvia Ritchie

              Jack Walton

              Stan Heptinstall

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  1. I find it unbelievable that Broxtowe Borough Council is offering zero support to the aged and infirm in the community by failing to secure a permanent premises for Shopmobility in Beeston. This service has been operating for 20 years and would not have survived so long if it had not been needed. Massive financial support has recently been provided to the area by the government, surely it would not be too much to ask that some of it be allocated to much needed services such as this. We see grandiose redevelopment schemes blazoned in full technicolour across the net and other media, proposals to make town and city shopping and recreational centres pedestrian only, but what good is that if a growing proportion of the population cannot access them. Shame on all you able bodied councilors and planners ignoring those less fortunate than yourselves, not to mention that you are taking custom away from local businesses.


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