Are We Going To Get The Replacement Buildings At Bramcote College?

Have a look at the press release from Nottinghamshire County Council. Bramcote College is listed as getting new windows and doors. This is surprising if replacement school buildings are imminent. It looks as though it will be sometime before we see the replacement buildings if at all.

Cleaner and greener classrooms: county schools to benefit from new upgrades

Schools across Nottinghamshire are to benefit from funding which will be used to improve, upgrade, and replace existing facilities, with several schools in the county becoming more environmentally friendly due to new heating systems and better insulation.

Twenty one improvement projects at 14 different primary and secondary schools will go ahead after successful bids from the government’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

The CIF is an annual bidding round where eligible schools can apply for funding so they can improve or expand their facilities.

The improvements include:

  • Kirkby College, in Ashfield: new windows
  • The Florence Nightingale Academy, in Ashfield: a new boiler and heating system
  • Alderman White School, in Broxtowe: a new boiler and heating system, new windows and doors
  • Bramcote College, in Broxtowe: new windows and doors
  • Langold Dyscarr Community School, in Bassetlaw: new windows
  • Carlton le Willows Academy, in Gedling: new windows and heating system
  • The Brunts Academy, in Mansfield: new windows
  • Bleasby Church of England Primary School, in Newark: new roof
  • East Bridgford St Peters Church of England Academy, in Newark: new heating system and new roof
  • Halam Church of England Primary School, in Sherwood: new roof and windows
  • The National CofE Academy, in Sherwood: new roof
  • Abbey Road Primary School, in Rushcliffe: new roof and new electrical distribution, lighting and power
  • Keyworth Primary and Nursery School, in Rushcliffe: new heating distribution system

Councillor Sam Smith, Vice Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee, said:

“I’m very pleased that schools in our county have been able to secure this extra government funding. It’s great news for schools in Nottinghamshire, and it means better facilities for our children and young people.

“Many of these new projects will mean our schools will become more environmentally friendly, using more efficient and sustainable heating systems and better insultation.”

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  1. 10 years without a school and counting – local children shouldn’t have to make do with some make-shift, cramped, run down college campus… Unfortunately I can’t see much changing or improving with this government in charge – more interested in handing millions over to their mates and pleasing party donors than investing in local public services.


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