Fishpond Cottage

Barry Johnson writes:

Our three Councillors (David Watts, Ian Tyler & Hannah Land ) representing Bramcote, in light of the overwhelming number (over 180) local residents formally objecting,  have requested that the full Broxtowe Borough Council reconsider the previous decision made by Broxtowe Planning Committee to approve their own proposal which was submitted by the Broxtowe BC Housing Committee.

Unlike the usual planning procedure, objecting local residents, in this case, do not have the right of appeal.   Our Councillors, on our behalf, have therefore found it necessary to ask the full Council to reconsider the existing decision made by the Planning Committee. 

I have no other details about this.

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  1. That’s good news Barry.

    We wish them well in their endeavours to persuade their Labour and Independent Coalition Partners THIS time to support their suggestions.

    A shame those Partners did not support them when they first offered their ideas well before the said plans were drawn up and approved by the. planning Committee 2 weeks ago saving time and monies which will now be involved in drawing up new plans.

    I would hope the Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader can persuade the Labour Leader of the Council to persuade his Members to support our Bramcote Councillors
    Not holding my breath remembering it was the same Labour Leader who said he would build on the Bramcote School playing field site irrespective of whether the sale of the land was needed for the build of the new school showing may I suggest his contempt for Bramcote residents.

    May I again suggest a test for this Coalition!


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