An Exasperating Morning!

Having been frustrated in my attempts to recycle Tetrapaks, I went to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping. Card machines out of action so went to Tesco. Car park pretty full – clearly lots of customers abandoned JS. Fortunately card machines working at Tesco.

Every lidl helps.

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  1. Hi Steve
    Sorry to hear you have had a frustrating day but here’s some food for thought.
    Instead of recycling these cartons, cut off the tops, wash out the contents, pierce the bottom to make holes, fill with soil/compost and reuse to propagate plants.
    This isn’t my idea. it came from a conversation with a logistics supply manager who had been working for a relief charity out in Haiti after the devastating hurricane of 2010.
    After all the headlines had died down, the country needed ongoing supplies of food, drink and shelters as well as planning how to rebuild from the ground up! A mutilaminate container such as a Tetrapak is a very cost effective way of getting valuable foodstuffs to where they are needed without the need for refrigeration and are extremely space efficient (they are not called bricks for nothing!)
    So, once the contents were consumed, the containers were used to plant seeds from native species, along with trees like avacados, and hundreds of seedlings were grown in a makeshift plant nursery. The great thing about the cartons is that they are water proof, both inside and out, and the 90 degree corners in the carton force the roots to go downwards and create a good root ball.
    Kind regards
    Ian Morris

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