Bramcote Hills Park Cricket Pavilion

Over the last 12 months we have been encouraging everyone to spend more time outdoors enjoying the green spaces in the borough. One way to do this whilst enjoying the warm summer days, is by watching a game of cricket. The Council has various cricket facilities in the borough that it maintains :

  • Beeston Fields Recreation Ground, Beeston
  • Hetley Pearson Recreation Ground, Beeston
  • Bramcote Hills Park, Bramcote
  • The Breach Cricket Ground, Eastwood
  • Hickings Lane Recreation Ground, Stapleford
  • Manor Farm Recreation Ground, Toton

The work involved in maintaining cricket squares includes very close grass cutting, rolling, marking the wickets and then repairs after the bowlers and batsmen have had their enjoyment out of the square. This process continues on a weekly basis from May until September.

Whilst all the sites offer an attractive backdrop to listen to the sound of leather on willow, the outfield and square at Bramcote Hills Park provide a very picturesque setting with the backdrop of the woodland and open parkland. 

The cricket club have further enhanced the visual appeal of the cricket facilities with a painting makeover to the pavilion. Go ahead and watch a game of cricket this summer, it is a great excuse to visit a park.



  1. A great article and excellent to see Bramcote Cricket Club receive valuable exposure as it tries to reach out to new junior and senior players, in addition to strengthening its role within the Bramcote community. We’d just like to point out however that it’s two Bramcote CC players, Rob & Mark, who maintain the cricket square (the area inside the post and wire) on Bramcote Park and who spend many hours as volunteers to ensure the club’s three senior sides have excellent surfaces to play on across the cricket season.


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