Should This Planning Application For An HMO On Derby Road Be Approved?

Considerable concern was expressed at this evening’s CAT Meeting over a planning application for 72 Derby Road to change it to a House in Multiple Occupation with 8 bedrooms and up to 11 occupants.

The details can be found on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website at:

72 Derby Road Bramcote Nottinghamshire NG9 3FY
Planning Reference:21/00383/FUL
Received Week Ending:04/05/2021
Applicant:Mr Danny Singh
Proposal:Change of use to 8 bedroom house in multiple occupation (maximum 11 occupants)
Status:Pending Consideration
Further Information

HMO’s change the nature of an area and the view expressed at the CAT Meeting was that this proposed HMO was not appropriate for Bramcote.

Is this the thin end of a wedge? Parts of Beeston have been changed considerably by HMO’s.

Concern was also expressed about access to the property on to the busy A52.

Take a moment to look at the application and let Broxtowe Borough Council have your views.

1 Comment

  1. A development of this type will change the character of the area. Bramcote has a unique character and this development would not create any benefit to the local community and would introduce many negative impacts to the area, including traffic risks onto the A52 and more noise. Bramcote is being subjected to a number of planning applications which will have a direct impact on our community and Bramcote’s green environment which may lead to the loss of identity to the area. This has happened to too many parts of Nottingham already.


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