Nottinghamshire County Council Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 update | Enjoy half term safely | Vaccine information | A message from Jonathan Gribbin | Protect yourself and others | Big Lunch event | Check in with the NHS app | Coronavirus dashboard

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Covid-19 update


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Meeting with friends and family

Enjoy half term in Nottinghamshire safely!

Nottinghamshire is here to welcome you back, safely. With fantastic attractions, restaurants and cafes you can have a great day out with the kids this half term. Whether your plans include catching up with friends, taking the kids on a day out or enjoying a walk in the park, we’d like to remind you to be safe and cautious. Try to stick to small groups, plan ahead and avoid crowded places.

Are you still looking for some inspiration? Half term isn’t over yet and we have some family fun ideas for you available on our website.

Events and inspiration

Book your Covid-19 vaccine

All vaccines protect against Covid-19

Covid-19 vaccines are being offered to people aged 30 or over, who are in a risk group or a carer.

If you are in one of these groups you can book your Covid-19 vaccine online or by calling 119.

Vaccine information

Walk-in appointments (no booking required)

Walk-in appointments

Anyone aged 40 or over, in an at risk group, carers or frontline health and social care workers who has not yet had their first vaccine, can walk-in to the following vaccination sites without needing to book an appointment: Forest Recreation Ground, King’s Meadow Campus, Gamston Community Centre, Ashfield Health Village, Newark Showground, Richard Herrod Centre and Mansfield Vaccination Centre.

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Residents encouraged to come forward for the vaccine

Jonathan Gribbin

The vaccine protects you from getting ill from Covid-19. We’re delighted our local NHS has now delivered over 900,000 vaccines in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham. Jonathan Gribbin, Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire, explains the importance of the vaccine and is urging residents to book their vaccine as soon as it’s offered to them.

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Protect yourself and others

Meeting outside is safer

Whilst you enjoy the reopening of businesses and attractions in Nottinghamshire, remember the basics Hands Face Space and Fresh Air. It is safer to socialise outdoors and you can meet up to 30 people outside. If you’re meeting indoors, stick to a group of six or two households, and remember to open a window to let the fresh air in to reduce the chances of Covid-19 transmission.

Stop the spread

Are you ready for the big lunch?

Save the date

This weekend’s Big Lunch is a national annual initiative helping to celebrate neighbours and communities coming together, making new connections, offering support and of course, having fun!

This is a great time to join your neighbours outdoors for lunch or a cuppa – either online, on your doorstep or over the fence.

While many lockdown restrictions will have eased, remember that gatherings of up to 30 will be allowed in public spaces – do check the latest guidance for meeting friends and family.

Do share your stories, photos with us by tagging us on @nottscc (Twitter) or @Nottinghamshire (Facebook) or email so we can share your photos on our website and other channels.

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Off out? Check in!

Check in with NHS Test and Trace

If you enter a venue (for example, a shop, restaurant, religious centre or sports stadium) that has an official NHS Covid-19 QR code poster at the entrance, you should scan it with your NHS Test and Trace app. Alternatively, you should provide your contact details using pen and paper provided at the venue.

For frequently asked questions on using the app visit the NHS website.

Download the app

Weekly Coronavirus Dashboard figures

Coronavirus dashboard for Nottinghamshire

Keep up to date with the latest case rates in your local area via the Coronavirus Dashboard for Nottinghamshire. The dashboard uses data sourced from the Public Health England national dataset and is updated daily.

The table to the right shows a snapshot of the latest rates per 100,000 population in each district from 22 May – 28 May compared to the previous 7 days.

Coronavirus Dashboard

Let's take the next step safely


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