1. ‘We know that public transport is key to so many of the agendas that matter for councils. Getting more people into buses and public transport will reduce our carbon emissions, improve our air quality and as every bus journey comes with a walk to at least the bus stop it will also help to get people active. We also need to ensure new communities are well served and have the option of a good and reliable service. Despite the importance of bus use in so many of these areas it has been in decline for seventy years. We need to address the decline of the bus industry if we are to achieve our ambitions for climate change, air quality and public health.’


  2. Surely this is an ideal opportunity for Councillors Mr and Mrs CARR to do something worthwhile for their Constituents and their Council Tax Payer funded monies .
    I remember their ” hot-air ” about setting-up Speed Cameras on the A52 which was actually achieved by the effective team-work of other Councillors and our then MP .


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