Bramcote Focus May 2021

Look out for your paper version which our Liberal Democrat Councillors are starting to deliver today or download the pdf. I have added some of the highlights below:

Planning Updates

There are a number of important planning matters
coming forward which will affect Bramcote. Your
local councillors are actively involved with these
and welcome your views.

Bramcote Unity Park
The application to build a number of houses and
create a new park on Alexander Plantation was
refused by both Broxtowe Borough Council and
Nottingham City Council. The applicants have now
appealed these decisions and this will be
considered at a public inquiry in July. We have
registered to speak on this to oppose the appeal.

Bramcote Hills Golf Course
The owner of the Bramcote Hills Golf Course have
now appealed against the councils decision to
refuse planning permission for them to build a
retirement complex on the site. The principle of a
development has already been agreed in a
previous appeal, but this proposal would have built
a block of flats towering over Wembley Gardens
and Gateford Close. This appeal will be through
written submissions rather than a public inquiry,
and we will put forward our objections to the

Fishpond Cottage
The Borough Councils application to build a
number of houses around Fishpond Cottage, which
would then be redeveloped as a family home, will
be heard by the planning committee on 2nd June.
Councillor Hannah Land will be speaking on
behalf of local residents at this.
If you want to know about these or any other local
planning issues feel free to contact any of us.

Next CAT Meeting

Community Action Team meetings are an
opportunity for any local resident to raise any
concerns about local issues. The next Bramcote
CAT meeting will take place on Monday 7th June.
This will be held on Zoom, although we hope that
we will be able to go back to face to face
meetings after that. The meeting will start at 7pm.

If you have Zoom then the meeting ID is 853
6657 2021. If you don’t have Zoom you can log in
from a computer on
or alternatively you can dial in to
the meeting by ringing 0208 080 6591 or 0208
080 6592 and then using the meeting ID above.

We hope to see lots of people there.



  1. So the Lib-Dems latest Focus on Bramcote inform us that the Conservatives have a ‘small majority on the County Council’. A majority is all they need to govern. The Lib-Dems have no majority to govern the Borough Council.

    During the County Council elections, the Lib-Dems criticised, on social media, one of the Conservative candidates for having a typo in his newsletter. Can I draw the Lib-Dems editors’ attention to their latest leaflet – TWO typos, double the typos to that on the Conservative leaflet.

    Both errors are the same and occur in the sections headed Bramcote Hills Golf Course and Fishpond Cottage respectively’ …councils decision and Councils application. Council’s should have an apostrophe.. They are both possessive singular and not plural.

    If you want perfection from others then you should model it yourselves.


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