Federation of Small Businesses and Darren Henry MP Work Together to Build Back Better in Broxtowe

Press release from Darren Henry’s Office:

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have joined forces with Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, Darren Henry to deliver an event that sets out some of the measures that will help Broxtowe’s small businesses to thrive and build back strengthened communities.

FSB and Darren Henry have pulled together a panel of speakers who are all invested in seeing Broxtowe flourish. Led by Darren, panellists include Matthew Batterham, Broxtowe Borough Council, Chris Harris, BWP (Domestic Abuse Charity) and Natalie Gasson-McKinley, Federation of Small Business.   This roundtable event will focus on what Broxtowe’s small businesses need to prosper and how they can help to build strong resilient communities.

There will be updates on local investment projects, an overview of available business support and an update on the latest Small Business Index that measure business confidence. However, the event will go beyond the usual business roundtable agenda items.

There will be opportunities for those attending to increase awareness of Domestic Abuse and understand how they can improve their own wellbeing and that of their employees. Chris Harris from BWP will give insights into what it means to be a good employer and the shared responsibility of supporting staff through Domestic Abuse and difficult periods. Chris will explain how an effective workplace policy to deal with the impacts of Domestic Abuse can be introduced to create nurturing and safe environments.

Member of Parliament for Broxtowe, Darren Henry, said:

“It is crucial that we build back better after COVID-19 with businesses at the forefront of our post-pandemic recovery. This is why I am working with the Federation of Small Businesses to find out exactly what it is small businesses need to thrive in Broxtowe and how I can help.”

FSB Development Manager, Natalie Gasson-McKinley said:

“Business owners have a crucial role to play in starting the conversation about domestic abuse in the workplace. They can lead the way in both destigmatising and acting to help members of their team when they are struggling. It is important that small business owners find the ideas that create policies that work for their business, themselves, and their staff.

We hope that by working with Darren Henry and Chris Harris that we can create businesses that work for their owners, the individuals they employ and the UK economy. Building back better should not just mean wealth generating businesses, but businesses that have a renewed sense of purpose.”

Build Back Better: Broxtowe’s plan for growth will take place on Thursday 27 May from 1pm until 2:30pm. The event is free to attend and places can be booked via the FSB’s website. https://www.fsb.org.uk/event-calendar/build-back-better-broxtowe-s-plan-for-growth-27-may.html

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