CAT Meeting 22 March 2021 Minutes

Bramcote Community Action Team Minutes

22nd March 2021

Held online via Zoom


NameOrganisationInitialsContact details
Cllr David WattsBroxtowe  
 Cllr Ian TylerBroxtowe
Cllr Steve CarrNottinghamshire County
Cllr Hannah LandBroxtowe
Cllr Tim HallamBroxtowe

29 residents attended the meeting.

1.         Welcome and Introductions

Cllr Watts welcomed everybody to the meeting and introduced the panel.

2.         Apologies

Gill WattsResidentGW


3.     Minutes and Updates on actions from last meeting

            The minutes were approved.  There was no update on actions from the last meeting. 

4.     Bramcote Today Celebrates 10 years

Sue Sambells gave a presentation celebrating 10 years of the Bramcote Today website.  The slides are available on Broxtowe Council and below.  David Watts thanked the volunteer web team for their service.  It was noted that there is a need for more people to comment and interact with the website and social media channels to feed the algorithms. Tim Hallam questioned if engagement had changed with Covid. Sue reported that Bramcote related issues gain the most traction on the site.  Differences in reaction to Darren Henry. Ian Tyler highlighted that Bramcote covers various county council seats and is interconnected with Stapleford and Beeston.  Paul Nathaniel highlighted that Bramcote is different to both those areas and the website reflects this. Sue reported other sites such as NG9 news cover a broader spectrum of topics / regions so complimented Bramcote today.

5.     Police and Crime Update

David Watts shared the figures as follows and explained crime figures are falling in Bramcote.

Concerns raised about increased incidents of dog theft.  Advised people to be vigilant, look out for signs such as chalk marks on their property.  Encouraged people to ensure microchip information is up to date and not to leave dogs unattended outside shops etc.

Use this link to see the break down.

You can read Inspector Riley’s recent update on the Notts Police website. 

6.     Bramcote School Development

Building should be going ahead, awaiting confirmation from government minister about exchange of land. Therefore no planning application has been submitted as yet and will likely wait until after the elections.  When it comes to planning permission there will be a 13 week consultation process – comments welcome.  Information will be shared on local sites. Noted that year 11 are isolating due to Covid outbreak.

7.     Road / Pedestrian Safety Issues

Concerns about traffic and parking on Ilkeston Road with more people using Bramcote Park.  David Watts will discuss with Tim Crawford and Inspector Riley.  Thanks given to Steve Carr for his help with Moor Lane cutting.  Steve is trying to get the road adopted by the highways agency.  Steve advised he had raised jobs for Arundel & Balmoral Drive.  Residents raised concerns about Cow Lane and Beeston Fields Drive/Claremont junction.  Concerns also raised about traffic using Town Street – are more speed and weight restrictions required? Difficulties re-routing traffic on Church Street or Cow Lane.  Residents can report vehicles to the county council if they take reg numbers. Steve Carr is requesting meeting with Highways Agency and will ask about temporary speed cameras. Concerns also raised about Thoresby Road.

8.     Planning Issues

Fishpond Cottage – application is with the planning department for 5 buildings including the cottage.  Feedback on the planning application can be submitted until the day it comes to planning committee.  Councilors expressed concerns that someone was maliciously perpetuating rumours about the cottage being a half way house.  This is not correct and people need to make sure they don’t spread that information further.  Unsure who generated the letter with that information.  Concerns raised about how the council disseminated information about the planning application compared with the consultation run last year.  Councilors explained differences in legal requirement from planning department, rushed legislation with Covid has meant learning from situations such as this.  Additional leaflets had been sent to residents nearest the site along with a zoom meeting.  Notice board erected near the site. Councilors Land & Tyler will be representing residents when the application comes to planning in June 2021.

Bramcote Golf Course –  No appeal submitted as yet.

Bramcote Unity Park – Has gone to appeal, David Watts has submitted a letter objecting to the development and councilors will attend the appeal hearing,  Unlikely to be granted given strength of opposition from planning departments and committees at the Borough and City.

Biffa site – Will become part of Bramcote Hills Park, awaiting land to stop being active landfill before it gets handed to Borough council. 

9.     Neighbourhood Plan / Forum

Paul Nathaniel reported council planners have confirmed they have the documents, they will respond in due course. May wait until elections are complete.

10.  Flooding

Severn Trent are being pressed by flood team at county council.  Meeting with Darren Henry where Severn Trent denied being asked about planning applications.  We will keep pressing for support.

11.  Covid Response

Broxtowe council 5th quickest in the country to administer covid grants for businesses.  Covid figures are reducing in the borough and the hospitals.  Vaccine rollout is going well.

Testing site at Stapleford Library available for asymptomatic testing.  Reminder to follow restrictions as thing ease as risk of rates increasing.

12.  Bramcote Park Café

No significant changes to report –plans and fundraising limited by covid restrictions.

Any other business

Thursday is Greek independence day where Lord Byron is revered for his poetry. 

Dates of future meetings

7th June 2021 7.00pm – Online via Zoom

Meeting finished at 09:00pm

If you have any issues regarding the minutes or if you require them in large print or in audio format please contact 0115 917 3492 Broxtowe Borough Council,

These minutes can be downloaded at


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