Ben Bradley Elected New Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council Media Release:

The newly elected leader of Nottinghamshire County Council has set out his hopes and ambitions for Nottinghamshire residents.

Councillor Ben Bradley, was unanimously elected as the leader following the Conservative Group Annual General Meeting on Monday, 10 May.

Councillor Bruce Laughton was elected as the deputy leader and Councillor Chris Barnfather becomes the Conservative Group Business Manager.

Ben, 31, father of two, has served as Member of Parliament for Mansfield since 2017 and becomes the only sitting MP and local authority leader in the country.

Councillor Bradley said he was honoured to have been selected as leader of the Conservative Group and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Councillor Ben Bradley said:
“I never thought ten years ago when I was in the public gallery at a Full Council meeting, doing work experience with Mark Spencer MP, that I would one day be the Leader of this authority. I am grateful to all my colleagues for their unanimous support and excited about the opportunities and benefits this majority Conservative administration can deliver to residents.

“I feel that I am in a unique position to advance the cause of Nottinghamshire County Council and residents by working directly with Government and ministers to get things done. My current roles will allow me to speak to ministers first-hand and these conversations will directly benefit Nottinghamshire. No other Council Leader in the country has that same opportunity to put local issues direct to the heart of Government.

We have listened to local residents throughout the local election campaign. We have got a far-reaching agenda for the County of Nottinghamshire and as a Conservative administration we are keen and ready to get on with the job.

“I wish to use this opportunity to offer my thanks to the workforce for their efforts during the pandemic. It has been a challenging year but we’re heading out the other side and I look forward to working with colleagues from across the council in a new post-Covid era.”

Councillor Bradley will be officially appointed to lead the new administration at the Council’s planned Annual General Meeting on 27 May.


  1. The Leader of the County Council is a full time job. In recognition of this, the holder is paid £49,000 per year. Being MP for Mansfield is a full time job and he is paid over £80,000 per year. Cllr Bradley says he will carry out both tasks. Either one will be ignored or both will be done badly.
    I am astounded that the Conservative Party nationally has allowed this to happen.


    1. Wonder what will happen when, not if, a point arises where doing as he is told by Boris conflicts with what is better for the County. Mr Bradley should step down as county leader and do the job that the people of Mansfield elected him to do. Can you imagine the uproar from the conservatives should it happen with members of another party. Apart from that, how exactly was he elected to the County Council?


  2. Congratulations to Nottinghamshire County Council leader Designate Ben Bradley.

    May I suggest we wish him well in the his new role rather than carp and criticise before he has even taken office.
    Sad to make such comment but the near constant negativity from some Candidates in our recent elections I believe was/ is a real ‘put off’ to the electorate and loses votes and support rather than gaining.
    One particular Party indulges almost daily with negative and often personal critique. May I suggest that perhaps that is one of the reasons why they only have ONE County Councillor out of a total of 66

    Yes a demanding role which I’m sure is well within Ben’s ability and capacity. His Westminster position as he says can only benefit from his access to Ministers for the people of our County.

    All Good Wishes Ben.


    1. Martin. Thanks for your comment. Of course if Ben had been a Liberal Democrat or Labour no doubt the Conservatives would have been very critical. They would have been right to do so. I am pretty confident that Cllr Richard Jackson would have been a good leader. Our own MP resigned his County seat when he was elected.

      With regards to your comments about the LibDems driving down turnout and engagement, it might have escaped your notice that the only LibDem seat on the council has had the highest turnout in the County and an increase in the vote share.


  3. All credit to you Steve, and well deserved for all your hard work.
    Genuinely believe negativity is a ‘turn off’ for the electorate and can negate the achieved good works. Best Wishes to you and Barbara, Martin


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