Fishpond Cottage Bramcote

Local Residents Objections to the Current Proposal by Broxtowe B.C.

Barry & Helena Johnson have asked us to share to following:

At the Bramcote CAT meeting held on Zoom on 22 March, following a discussion about the new proposals put forward by Broxtowe B.C for the future development of Fishpond Cottage,  it was agreed that an initiative should be undertaken to obtain the views of local residents. As result good local support has been received and a considerable number of concerns have been made objecting to the new proposal.  These are summarized in the document below.

We have also attached a copy of the Objections Signature Form which is for distribution to local residents to formally confirm their objection together with a photograph and information page as to where to return the signed forms.

Please read the attached documents and if you are in agreement with these, sign and return the signature form to 102 Ewe Lamb Lane , Bramcote, NG9 3JW.  These will then be forwarded to the Broxtowe B.C. Planning Committee in time for the hearing in June 2021.

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