St Michael’s Church, Bramcote, Newsletter 6 May 2021

Stan Heptinstall, Church Warden writes:

Below is this week’s newsletter, and also another copy of the letter from Penny and Graeme Coe about Christian Aid (please use this one rather than previous versions because there is a corrected email address).

Penny also asked me to include the following Prayer for Christian Aid Week:

Christian Aid Week Prayer

Great God,
Who makes the sun to rise, and opens the heavens.
Hear the cry of the people,
Who sow in hope for rain, but reap only despair.
Hear the cry of the people,
Seeking shelter from the storm, their hopes and homes submerged.
Hear the cry of the people,
When creation is hitting back, with rage and resistance.
Give us hope, grant us salvation,
Give us a new relationship with creation
With reverence to tend this gift from You
And say once again of the earth
and all you created

It is GOOD.

In addition, David Curnock has asked me to send you the following note about the upcoming Prayer Walk on 22nd May.

Parish Prayer Walk

We will be prayer walking the Parish boundary on Pentecost Saturday 22 May, starting from the church carpark at 10am. In previous years it’s been a very enjoyable time: do come and join in. We’ll be in two groups of six (or possibly in one larger group if the Covid Roadmap changes are made as expected on May17th), and maintain social distancing. Please let David Curnock know you hope to come ( or tel (0115) 9259116) and he’ll send you the details.

St Michael’s Church, Bramcote, Newsletter 6 May 2021

Christian Aid Week Newsletter

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