Nottinghamshire County Council Elections Bramcote and Beeston North – Gordon Stoner, Green Party

The Green Party candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North is Gordon Stoner.

Gordon has stood for the Greens twice previously in County elections, and seven times in Borough elections and ward byelections, since moving to this area in 2005. He lives within the division, in Beeston North.
He believes in cooperation across party-lines to achieve positive change and progress in local politics, particularly in the Broxtowe area, for the local people he plans to serve. When there are few Green councillors in an area, this is a way of ensuring that environmentalism and social justice remain central to Council practice as well as policy.

He said “I’m hopeful for the future and grateful for this opportunity to represent the people of Beeston and Bramcote at county level”. The Green party are standing in all divisions within the Broxtowe area in this election.

Help us elect a strong, green and cooperative voice into the county council in this May’s election.

Vote Green, Vote Gordon!

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