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Consumer advice and scam alerts

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Consumer advice and scam alerts


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Census scams

Beware of census scams

Census Day itself might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that scammers have stopped taking advantage of this once every decade event.

Census officers from the Office of National Statistics have been visiting households across the county who have not yet filled in the 2021 census, but regardless of whether or not you have filled it out, we’re asking you to stay alert to census scams.

Remember, census officers will never ask for your bank details or national insurance number, and you will never be issued a fine for a late or incorrect submission by text message, phone call or email. For a fine to be imposed your case must go to court for non-completion of the census. People still have time to complete their census and should do so as soon as possible.

Find out more about census scams

Help fight the battle on scam mail

Scam marshals

Have you or someone you know been targeted by scam mail? If so, you could help to prevent others from falling victim to this by becoming a scam marshal.

There are currently 51 scam marshals in Nottinghamshire, and each one is helping to take a stand against scams by sharing their own experiences and helping others to recognise and report scams.

As a scam marshal you can also send unwanted scam mail to the National Trading Standards Scams Team who will use this as part of their work to crack down on scams.

Register to become a scam marshal

Think you’ve spotted a suspicious email?

Phishing emails

Ever had an email which just doesn’t look quite right? Sure, it might look like it has come from a reputable source, but scammers often try to imitate known companies to gain your trust.

Phishing emails will usually try to get you to click on a link, which then takes you to a dodgy website. Some of you may have clicked on these links thinking that the email is genuine, only to realise that it is in fact the work of a scammer.

So, what can you do?

Reporting phishing emails to the National Cyber Security Centre is the best way to stop scammers in their tracks (or should we say keyboards) and help to protect others from being affected.

To report, simply forward the email to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service at 

Find out more about phishing

There’s no time like the present to register your appliances!

Register your appliance

✅ It’s quick

✅ It’s free

✅ It will keep you and your family safe…

…so there’s really no reason not to register your appliances. Nearly half of all domestic appliances aren’t registered – is yours one of them?

Whether it’s your fridge, oven, microwave or washing machine, it’s important that manufacturers can contact you should your appliance be subject to a safety recall. Register My Appliance Week 2021 kicks off on Monday 26 April, so there really is no better time to prioritise safety in your home.

Before registering, make sure you have the appliance’s number and date of purchase to hand.

Register an appliance

Visit for the latest COVID guidance in Notts


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