1. Good response. I have never seen Steve Carr, or indeed any of Broxtowe Lib Dems, actually tell us what they propose to *do* Instead, just a constant stream of negativity & rubbishing of other people’s initiatives (oddly, always female Labour candidates). The attack on Ellie being only the most recent on a wearyingly-long list.

    As for trying the smear-by-association tactic because the City council is Labour controlled, well, fine by me. In that case no one should support Steve Carr or any Lib Dem, given their party joined the Tories to usher in a decade of brutal austerity & lied about not increasing tutition fees when they actually tripled them!

    Alternatively, why don’t we all concentrate on the issues & candidates germane only to Broxtowe? And if the candidates could try & tell us what they’d propose rather than just rubbishing their rvials’ ideas that would be useful.

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  2. Nottingham City Transport is a private company owned by Nottingham City Council and another company. It needs to make a profit or shareholders will sell up.


    1. If NCT is a private company it needs only to break even or it will need to be supported by NCT, and any other shareholders. It is immaterial whether or not shareholders dispose of their shares.


      1. Any limited company needs to make a profit so that it can develop its business and give shareholder returns. I don’t know why NCT operate like that but they are excellent and have won numerous awards.


      2. Just to correct Dave F. No company NEEDS to make a profit, what it does need to do is break even otherwise losses will eventually cause it to cease trading and eventually its demise. Also it does not need to pay a dividend to shareholders – ever.


  3. So the city transport system exists in order to benefit investors by generating profits. So I must be wrong in thinking that it’s purpose was to transport passengers.


  4. Michael – given the parlous state of Nottingham City Council finances – and the resulting cuts to services that Bramcote benefitted from – you should be grateful that (greater) Nottingham benefits from not one but two bus companies that serve those of us who commute by bus so well. Both are regular award winners on the national stage.

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  5. I think that council funding should be decided on the basis of the needs of the whole community. I acknowledge that quantification and prioritisation is difficult but I don’t think one persons anecdotal evidence should play a major part.


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