L10 and L11 Bus Services

Robert Howard writes:

I am the person responsible for the design of the little bus box Steve Carr refers to, with Ellie Winfield, the Labour Party candidate for Bramcote and Beeston North in the driving seat. It is far from being a ‘childish response’ because it is drawing attention to a serious issue and Mr. Carr has proved my point. – people are talking about our LocalLink buses and that has to be good! If he used the little LocalLink L10 and L11 buses frequently like I and many others do, he would be aware of the issues Ellie draws attention to in her leaflet. As for me, I’ve been making bus boxes since 2014 and using them, among other things, to promote Nottingham City Transport’s 35 “History Bus’ route, for which I I first wrote a guide in 2013. In 2018, NCT worked with me to create their own version and, I’m proud to say, there is a 35 bus which bears my name. Does Mr. Carr really believe that Nottingham City council tax payers have a duty to fund bus routes in Bramcote and Broxtowe? I suspect he would be one of the first to complain if Broxtowe Borough and Nottinghamshire County Council were funding bus routes in Nottingham. I have long been advocating (and writing about) the need for a Bramcote and Beeston community bus network. If you use buses, you know how important they are. If you don’t, they are as good as invisible or something to be snobby about. Mr. Carr has missed the bus on this issue, so he sneers at Labour and Ellie Winfield for daring to make voters think about buses.


  1. Firstly Mr Howard I never sneer at anybody and knowing you personally, I am shocked and surprised at your personal attack on me.
    Secondly, people have been talking about the L10 and the L11 since January when local LibDems alerted residents to their likely demise. We did it by a letter and a Focus. People responded in their hundreds.
    I have been meeting with officers at County Hall and urged them to fund these routes. I have further meetings planned.
    What I simply cannot understand (and judging by my conversations on Central Avenue and Dennis Avenue today neither can residents) that the Labour Party cannot accept that the Labour Party cut these buses.
    As you have only just started talking about this issue 10 days before the election and we have been taking action since January, I respectfully suggest your craft bus should have in fact been a bandwagon.


    1. I believe you have failed Mr Carr in changing the councils decision to stop the L10, it will stop in june so wollaton residents will only be able to go to Bramcote and Beeston if they have a car. the solution to get to beeston via buses the council has given is unworkable.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Robert, giving some context to the creative bus box you have designed. I’m sure lots of people will enjoy making them and will appreciate the underlying message about the importance of a green local bus service.


  3. Thank you that ‘bus man’ for some good positive comment, and for a worthwhile good positive effort.

    In contrast, to all our upcoming candidates:

    Can we please get away from the childish schoolyard blame-game bickering stupid vandalism of politics that disgraces all and turns all the voters off voting for such continued useless childishness.

    For a beautiful positive change, can we instead have some Positive Campaigning with positive ideas for the better for everyone? And none of the stupid childish back-stabbing against the competing candidates please?

    What good ideas for the better can be offered? How can we do things for the better for ALL?

    Candidates that can convince me that they can throw off the adversarial name-calling silliness to instead positively really DO SOME GOOD, in a good positive way, will get my vote.

    To quote Shirdi Sai Baba:

    “Before you speak ask yourself: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve upon the silence?”

    Can we vote for positive change so as to move forwards please?

    Thank you,


  4. Why cannot the 30 Bus from Nottingham to Wollaton be extended to run to Beeston. This seems to be an easy extension of a route by 1.5 miles – maybe not all the buses but one an hour.


    1. Historically, when the route was operated by Barton Buses, there was a through service to Beeston which began in Nottingham city centre. Following Bus De-regulation in 1986, unprofitable sections of bus routes were axed by bus companies and local government left to pick up the pieces. In this case it was Nottingham City Council, which was very generous of them. Now, they are trying to save £700,000 from their transport budget – hence the decision to stop funding the L10 and L11. Arguably, it is now the County Council’s turn to fund a bus service between Bramcote Lane and Beeston. I hope they rise to the challenge. Labour Party members, including me, have worked with Ellie Winfield to come up with a new route, for which there is a map.


      1. Thank you , 35 Busman ( Robert Howard ) , your contribution to this debate is of relevance and value , containing encouraging news of positive efforts to remedy the situation . Such a pleasant contrast to the ill-tempered mud-slinging by Steve and Barbara Carr . Perhaps a legitimate ” Public Information Request ” on just how much local tax-payers’ cash is being used to fund their family’s various Broxtowe and County “salaries ” and expenses may help explain why they are resorting to such negative campaigning ?


  5. Well said, Robert. Steve’s taken-on ( too ? ) many local tax-payer funded roles, his wife also, so may have to rely on quickly contrived negative campaigning. Ellie may be the more local community focused ” Breath of fresh air ” that my home area deserves.


    1. Mr Park
      You can make all the false allegations you want about me but bringing “my wife” into this argument is, frankly, disgraceful behaviour. She is a councillor in her own right and a very hard working one at that.


    2. What a very rude man you are Mr Park.
      We don’t rely on contrived last minute negative campaigning. As you well know we keep in contact with you and other residents all year round.
      I personally have dealt with 75 Housing and other resident issues just in the last 3 months. What exactly have you done to support your community?


    3. Red wall misogyny, loving the hate and giving the Tories a run for their money for the title of nasty party.


  6. Love the idea of the 30 extending to Beeston. From Wollaton Vale, down Coventry Lane, A52, Wollaton Road is a much needed route to connect the Crematorium to Beeston and Wollaton.


  7. The L10 bus is stopping because of loss of Labour controlled City Council funding. They have a calamitous financial situation because of the £38 million losses because of the Robin House Energy fiasco and approx another £20m losses from the failed Broadmarsh redevelopment. The (Tory controlled) County Council was asked to pick up the slack and has declined to do so. Steve Carr for the Lib Dems has fought hard to keep the service going.
    If local people are angry at the loss of this vital bus service I suggest they project that anger at Nottingham City Labour Party who’s incompetence has nearly bankrupted the city. No amount of little bus models in Broxtowe Labour leaflets should hide the fact that it’s their City Council colleague’s failings that led to this mess.


  8. Thank you to everyone for their positive comments. Like it or not, Steve, you are the one who politicised Nottingham City Council’s consultation on its proposed withdrawal of the LocalLink L10 and L11 bus routes. You will not find no criticism of you (or Barbara) in Ellie Winfield’s Bramcote and Beeston North Labour Party campaign leaflet about local bus services, nor would I tolerate them. You and Barbara are our councillors and I respect that. The issue of bus funding is complex as you well know and understand and, yes, I have had a go at you, but only after your politicising of the issue. I had looked forward to working with you and other Bramcote and Beeston residents, regardless of their political affiliations, to bring about a network of what I call ‘buggy and shopping friendly’ buses. I know that bus boxes get people talking and you, by your misplaced and ill judged attack on the Labour Party and Ellie (for that is what you did, whatever you may think), and throwing in an attack on Robin Hood Energy for good measure — which even the Government’s own commissioners, now advising Nottingham City Council, have not done) deserved a response, and for that I make no apology.. Over 60 years of community involvement have taught me that, when it comes to local issues, most of the time political divides fall away, so I can only assume that your chain reaction of attacks on Labour is because you are feeling less than politically confident right now.

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