Labour’s Response To Our Buses Being Abolished

Steve Carr writes:

When the City Council launched its consultation into the future of the local Link Buses back in January, as the County Councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North, I was contacted by 128 very concerned residents for whom the L10 and L11 are vital services. Indeed, the City Council have now voted to withdraw these bus routes leaving no services from Bramcote and Beeston North to Beeston town centre.

I have been informed by a very disgruntled resident that the local Labour Party plan to leave leaflets hidden around the area. These can be made into toy buses with a picture of their candidate as the driver. The reason they claim is that they are “taking a stance against cuts to local bus services.”

What a childish response to a serious situation.

This will upset and anger local residents. They are well aware who controls the City Council, who lost millions of pounds from the collapse of Robin Hood Energy and who voted for the abolition of our buses.

You can view previous articles about the withdrawal of this bus service.


  1. I think Cllr Carr needs to quietly check his sources. There is no such plans to hide any leaflets anywhere. While the leaflet may appear irreverent, the subject matter is treated with the utmost seriousness. The leaflet contains detailed plans of how the bus route cuts will be tackled. I think perhaps Mr Carr is worried people might actually READ the leaflet instead of throwing it in the bin as I am sure so many of his end up. For what it’s worth I think it shows innovation, creativity and a leaning towards recycling given that it can be re-used as a fun craft project.


      1. Definitely true.

        Loads of people have contacted us about our 3D creative leaflet, currently doing another print run! Thanks to our member, who loves buses, for creating these for us, we try to involve all members in our campaign especially if they can’t get out to meet people ❤️

        And yes look 👀 out for them at key locations in Bramcote & Beeston North – email us at if you find one or want one – lovely to encourage play & creativity.

        And watch this space, more innovation on the way


  2. I am hearing that the current incumbent county councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North is displeased at the innovative bus boxes that my campaign team and I have designed to highlight our priorities for the bus services which are so vital in connecting our community with one another and supporting our older and youngest residents in avoiding social isolation.
    I am deeply concerned that the current incumbent, who also happens to be the deputy leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, does not seem to understand the Broxtowe Labour party members, Borough Council Labour party councillors and Nottinghamshire County Council Labour group do not have any influence, sway or say in the budgetary decisions of a completely separate local authority. What is more, if the current councillor does know other local authorities have no say in the affairs of separate local authorities, as I would hope he does, know that other councils cannot and would not be involved in setting another authorities budget, then it would seem he is being disingenuous in implying that we as Broxtowe Labour would have any say and it would also concern me that he is trying to mislead our electorate into inferring that is the case. As a regular user of these busses, I care deeply about finding a solution which keeps Bramcote connected to Beeston and that is why my team and I have taken action and have consulted with other bus users and bus companies on possible alternatives and solutions to enable services to still be provided.
    I am also disappointed that the current incumbent would resort to personal insults and accusations of childishness, which is not befitting of a person in public office, I personally know that it is better to let people know what you would do rather than engage in petty mud slinging because ultimately that is what people want to know- what are your personal commitments and what will you do. I as a regular bus user understand the vital importance of our bus services, which is why I have worked with local people and consulted bus companies on a range of possible solutions, this is because I am focused on positive action and finding solutions to problems in novel ways and our leaflet demonstrates this creative style of thinking that is so needed in this day in age as we face new challenges such as the pandemic and climate change that require fresh thinking. These bus box leaflets encourage readers to engage with the material in news ways and think on the issues and best of all when the reading is done, they and be repurposed into a box to save money for your next bus fare, hopefully helping to keep the issue fresh in peoples mind and continue to get them engaging with the issues their community faces.
    I have shown throughout the pandemic that I am not afraid of challenge and that I can provide solutions to problems that our community faces, as demonstrate by the food bank I was instrumental in setting up, which operate son an innovative self-referral basis and offers food other food banks often shy away from. Over the last year the current county councillor has taken it upon himself to be one of our most vocal critics, whether that eb taking issue with the carrier bags we chose to use, our fund-raising efforts, our self-referral ethos or other community projects such as our breakfast bag project which included flowers. The thing is the current incumbent misses the point, the breakfast bag scheme was as much about spreading some joy, bringing some happiness to the community at a time when people were feeling lonely, isolated, and scared at the height of the pandemic- bringing happiness and helping raise a smile also has value and it doesn’t just have to be about meeting criteria, which brings me on to my next point that of giving people dignity.
    Broxtowe Community projects runs on a self-referral basis because asking for help when you are struggling is hard enough (because of a culture of shame around asking for help that we need to tackle) as it is with out having to convince multiple authority figures that you are worthy of support. By making it self-referral people can access help more rapidly and can do so with dignity. Whilst it is deeply personal, I am happy to share that my faith informs my ethos of not being the arbiter of whether someone is worthy of support, I have been taught that I have no place to be the judge, to give when asked, to work to alleviate suffering and to meet the needs of those who seek help-which is why it is so important to trust people. Of course we work closely with those we help to resolve the issues that are creating the need and to help them move once more towards independence, but we do so without being the arbiter of their worthiness and giving them the respect and choice they deserve-suffering poverty doesn’t make you less of a person but it does reflect badly on a society that accepts it as inevitable and on those who would divide people into worthy and unworthy categories-need is need and should be addressed.
    I am proud to be standing for a Labour party that cares so much about its community and which does not shy away from dealing with the difficult issues and effecting real change rather than just talking about ideas- our local party is energised, engaged and invested in its local community, and you will find me to also be cut from that same cloth – a person who is hard working, compassionate, determined and with can do attitude so if you elect me on May 6th I a certain you will get the fresh perspective so desperately needed because after all the world was never changed for the better by those who stand still and hold the status quo it was made better by those unafraid to demand better for their society and in me you will have such a representative.


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