Councillor Steve Carr has asked us to share the following excerpt from Barton in Fabis Parish Council to Notts Conservative Leader Kay Cutts.

“Our attention has been drawn to the discussion at the above meeting on the adoption of the Minerals Local Plan at which you made a number of false and misleading statements regarding the potential site at Shelford when challenged about your role in removing that site from the Minerals Local Plan.

In particular, the statement you made that “the applicant for the Shelford application did not put in an application. It was not considered because they did not ask to have it considered” is, as you will know, entirely false.

Council Officers have stated in writing (31/3/21) that they “can confirm Brett Aggregates submitted the Shelford site as part of the call for sites exercise in early 2018 and that it hasn’t been withdrawn since”.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from your willingness to mislead and make such false statements is that the description … regarding your role in influencing the withdrawal of the Shelford site and replacing it with the site at Barton in Fabis is indeed correct.”

Given this information, it is clear that our local Conservative councillors knew this fact but still voted to put Attenborough Nature Reserve at risk.

Cllr Steve Carr



  1. It seems as if the Conservative Party is now revealed to be little more than an aggregation of self-serving and mendacious individuals who hold the electorate in complete contempt as they promote their cronies at the taxpayers’ expense. Boris Johnson’s Cabinet was last week described by a former Conservative Minister as a ‘cesspit of deceit’, and yesterday Dominic Cummings described Boris Johnson as “mad and totally unethical”.

    Since the Tories privatised the Post Office hundreds of Postmasters were falsely prosecuted for fraud and many were imprisoned. Their convictions have now been overturned but not before some committed suicide and many were bankrupted. Several have died before their names were cleared, whilst the chief executive, the Rev Paula Vennells collected £5 million for her services and remains on the Church of England’s ethical investment advisory group. You couldn’t make it up.

    Boris Johnson told us that Brexit was to give us back our sovereignty and then went on to lie to our Sovereign about the need to prorogue parliament: a move that was subsequently judged unlawful.

    This Government has wasted billions of taxpayers’ money on a test and trace system that was never fit for purpose. It has given contracts to companies ‘in the know’, some of whom had no relevant experience or track record, without putting them out to competitive tender.

    When anyone with any common sense was urging the closure of our borders last March the Conservative government was allowing hundreds of thousands of air travellers to return from Covid hotspots in Spain and Italy without a qualm, leaving them to infect us all in the UK and to contribute to the highest death rate in Europe.

    How, after all this, the Conservative Party can seriously believe that any of their candidates deserve our votes at local and general elections in the future is beyond my comprehension.


  2. But the alternatives are no better: libdems will never poll enough to gain a majority in parliament, labour are only slightly less of a joke now that Starmer has replaced Corbyn. Voting for Greta (or Greens) is a waste and could be taken by XR as support for their anarchic activities.


    1. A Party that is led by a consummate liar and moral imbecile such as Johnson cannot be compared to one led by an intelligent man of integrity such as Starmer. The Tory Party becomes more of a sick joke with each new sleaze allegation that emerges on almost a daily basis.


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