1. Watched the video, thanks.
    But if the Conservatives were really interested in maintaining public health they would have acted far more quickly to close our borders (sea and air) – which they singularly failed to do – and as a result are, in part, responsible for the shocking UK death toll from Covid. Instead of protecting us the Conservatives have allowed international travel to continue unabated and have thereby fuelled the spread of the virus and its subsequent mutations. Instead of immediate action (e.g. flights from India) the government gives several days notice of any new restriction and so renders it largely ineffective. It really beggars belief.
    Not that I expect a county councillor to do anything meaningful about this.
    The Conservatives have failed on the public health score-sheet despite crippling the country’s economy and ballooning our national debt for decades to come in an attempt to keep things going. A poisoned chalice for the Conservatives I agree, but I am convinced Labour and the LibDems would have handled it even worse, especially Labour, even though I am a socialist at heart.
    So for the first time in my voting life, I really don’t want to vote for any of the main parties (or in the PCC election either) but I am between a rock and a hard place. Where is Screaming Lord Sutch when you need him?


    1. Your comment about how badly the Lib Dems and Labour would have handled the Covid is completely wide of the mark. They don’t enter into the equation, the Conservatives have been in power for over ten years at the moment and since 1950 have had more years “in charge” than Labour. Yet in spite of all the hype about how bad Labour is and how good the Conservatives are there are areas of depravation all over UK that resemble parts of, what used to be called, the Indian Sub-continent slums. The numbers of homeless continue to increase, which increases the burden on the local authorities who have to struggle on less to provide assistance, especially where children are concerned.

      Leaving aside the national aspect, what is being discussed here are the County Council Elections, and again the Conservatives come up wanting. Very little house building going on with a minuscule amount going to build low rent properties for the council to own and operate. We’re talking, and hearing, a lot nowadays of ‘Green Policies’, notice the word TALKING, but no action. Why am I not seeing planning authorities refusing applications that don’t include solar panels and, where appropriate, ground heat extraction. Or have the powers that be decided that such Green measures don’t work. If so perhaps they ought to tell the rest of us.

      Rich, you can always vote for an Independent or a Green or even Mr Badaxe’, Official Monster Raving Loony Party (Bramcote & Beeston North)


      1. We can’t refuse them on these grounds because the Conservatives didn’t include anything to this effect in the local plan when they ran the council for four years. We’re busy correcting this but it is a long process.


      2. Ian: & DavidWatts: solar panels etc… The solution lies in changing the national building regulations not in a local plan; the latter is subject to the vagaries and inconsistencies of local councils’ decisions on planning applications.


      3. Plans are able to be ‘amended’ as shown by the numerous alterations at Field Farm and the Hickings Lane pedestrian crossing. So just amend the local plan as required. It’s very simple really, grown-up conversation leading to agreement. A proposal, seconded and a vote and away you go.

        But if you cannot be bothered to do it locally why don’t you (all parties) lobby your HQ and get the MP’s to bring it up in ‘the house’, or isn’t that the way democracy is supposed to work.


      4. Ian Blakeley, amending a Local Plan isn’t the same as amending a planning application. As the Local Plan goes through several stages of development before being approved following a public enquiry (a process set by law) amendments also have to be carefully prepared and developed. We are on with it but there are set timetables that have to be followed. Whilst sometimes I wish we could just tear up the rule book we can’t. If you want a chat about the details of the process and where we are up to please feel free to get in touch.


  2. What’s with the it ain’t half hot mum ending at the end? A bad attempt at comedy, but it’s no joke voting for these clowns.

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    1. You have several choices, vote for them all, don’t bother to vote or, and this may be the sensible option, stand for election yourself.


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