Nottinghamshire County Council Elections Stapleford and Broxtowe Central- Hannah Land, Liberal Democrat

Hannah writes about her work in Bramcote:

During my time on Broxtowe Borough council. I’ve supported Bramcote community members with housing issues, spoke out against contentious planning applications, lobbied for the new leisure centre to be built in Bramcote, lobbied for Bramcote College to get a new school building. I reported numerous potholes and road safety issues. Arranged via the county council for painting of the Bramcote island pedestrian bridge rails. Represented residents with issues such as the Fishpond Cottage and Bramcote Golf Course / Bramcote Unity Park developments. I participate in CAT meetings.

All on top of my work at QMC.

Editor: Hannah Land is standing for the Liberal Democrats.


  1. Hope they realize as in my case as I find it easy to do out of pure enjoyment to do these duty’s they need to attend some eight/twelve meetings at the c/hall per month as its all day time with no night meetings .


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