Nottinghamshire County Council Elections – Richard MacRae

Richard MacRae, Independent, has responded to our request for information to support has candidacy to be elected a Councillor for the Stapleford and Broxtowe Central Division of Nottinghamshire County Council. Part of Bramcote is included in this Division.

Richard writes about his work in Bramcote and nearby:

I was against Field Farm and also putting forward the land to the East and West of Coventry Lane as I know that we have lost enough greenbelt land, I voted against the adoption of the local plan part two at Broxtowe Borough Council for these reasons. Whilst I am fully aware of the need for development I feel other sites and empty houses should be used firstly. I was also against and development on Bramcote Golf Course and Bramcote Ridge.

The large pot hole on Valmont Road I was there for a few hours diverting traffic in the area until the contractors arrived to make a much needed repair. I didn’t want any vehicle to get damaged or anyone to get hurt.  

Cookies Pond has always been an area of great interest, that much so that when approached by local residents the community group I run worked with Groundwork Greater Nottingham to have the area in the picture made easier to use to get closer to the pond for people who have disabilities and may need to be pushed or self propelled in a wheelchair or buggy. 

I have spent many years now supporting Pulp Friction which although the amazing work they do is all over the area they are based in Bramcote and Gill and her team are an organisation I have on many occasions had the great pleasure to help and support. 

When the lock down happened in 2020 it was Stapleford Community Group who not only donated food to Pulp Friction and The White Lion Pub in Bramcote but we also had the great pleasure of being able to deliver the meals that Ivan and his team made, these went to some of the most vulnerable and those in isolation not only in Bramcote but also in Stapleford. We also delivered them to different people each time they was kindly donated to us.

Talking of food as part of the community group we on a daily basis collect surplus food from local supermarkets and are also donated food by Bramcote Farmshop.  This is sorted and either collected or delivered to those who can’t get to collect.  We have been given many donations by Bramcote residents to help us and in turn we have also made many deliveries to help people of Bramcote. We have been doing this for just over four years now.

Not long after The Co-Op on Hickings Lane opened we worked with The Co-Op and had a defibrillator installed. This covers part of Stapleford and part of Bramcote so it benefits people in both areas. This was also supported by a gentleman who became a friend who has since sadly passed away. Peter Hillier, a true gentleman. We had many a good and lengthy chat and what a great character he was. Sadly missed by all. I enjoyed supporting and promoting the great work at the Church he was helping with off Town Street.  

I also made the request for the Pedestrian Crossing on Hickings Lane. At a slightly different location but all the same it was me who made the request as part of the planning conditions of the Carpenters Court development.  This crossing is also a benefit to the residents in Stapleford and Bramcote. I would also like to give credit to Councillor Jan Goold who supported the residents in Carpenters Court to have it installed at the location it is now at.   

I also organised an event on Bramcote Park where people searched for Pokemon. Over 100 people of all ages attended and people who didn’t know each other played the game using an app on the mobile phones, young and old alike and the way it had people talking was amazing and helping each other. Was great fun too. 

When the car park on Bramcote Park was taken over with caravans there was the possibility that Hemlock Happening would be effected as it was just days to go until the event took place.  Alongside then Councillor Martin Placket (pictured) we spoke with the head of the Traveling Community and they left soon afterwards.


    1. Yes. I have emailed all the candidates for both Divisions covering Bramcote except one (I’ll contact him when I have located an email address) and asked them to respond sending their manifesto, what they have done for Bramcote and what they propose for the future.

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