The editors of Bramcote Today are pleased to be working alongside the NG9 News team with a selection of campaigns; the first being Take Note, Then Vote!

NG9 News, like Bramcote Today, is a local volunteer, non-profit organisation news station whose aim is to inform the people within the NG9 postcode area via easy to read, up-to-date, factual news. They have a fantastic team of over 20 people, and all have a passion for what they do, and our fantastic NG9 community!

The campaign, launched today, aims to encourage people to not only register to vote, but to select the individual candidate who is best for them, and not just support a party. To promote this way of thinking locally, they are introducing a collaborative campaign with other local media groups aptly named Take note, then vote.

For many people, loyalty to a party may be something they embrace massively, and have done for all their lives. This isn’t always a bad thing, as in some ways,  voters may have thoroughly researched a candidate or party, before making a commitment, to check the party’s policies are aligned with their own beliefs.

The problem, however, with just voting for the same party nationally, regionally and locally, is that even though the candidate a resident elects to vote for may be part of their choice of party, the candidate’s own ambitions/personal agenda may not actually benefit the resident and consequently the outcome may well be disappointing.

This new campaign aims to:

  • increase voter turnout – traditionally low
  • offer the opportunity for resident/candidate engagement with a non-political bias from the media groups involved
  • help residents understand the individual candidates’ experience /opinions/commitment/reliability and resource of time to offer the role
  • ultimately select a candidate who will best represent them at a local level

Please use the hashtag #TakenoteThenvote in your communications and the logo below.


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