1. I have never voted for any candidate standing for the post of Police Commissioner.
    It is a superfluous post, making the role of the Chief Constable more onerous and adding nothing to our safekeeeping.
    The sooner we abolish this non- job the better.

    We need an abolishment candidate who I would wholeheartedly support.



      1. If elected, how can Lib-Dem, David Watts serve as Bramcote Borough Councillor and the Police & Crime Commissioner. The only way I see is that, to quote Ian Tyler’s words, Cllr Watts will be paid to fulfil a ‘non-job’.


  2. Whilst agreeing with Ian Tyler and Rich Hartmans comments regarding the post being superfluous it is, unfortunately a fact of life that the Cameron Crew saw fit to foist the positions on the country and so we are stuck with it. Consequently not voting for any of the candidates achieves the square root of sod all!

    I would however be happy to hear from any person who is able to inform me, and others, where the present incumbent (Paddy Tipping) is making such a hash of the (non) job that he needs to be replaced or is it just the political parties making a political hash of a job that was never supposed to be allied to any party.

    So a suggestion to Mrs Henry and Mr Watts. Withdraw your candidacy as PCC and instead jointly offer your assistance to Mr Tipping in carrying out the work he has already started. You never know, he might just accept.


  3. I agree with Ian Tyler that this post should be abolished. I’ve said that publicly on lots of occasions and will continue to do so. I am absolutely an abolitionist candidate. However it does exist so I’d rather have a Lib Dem in it than anyone else. I can’t agree with Ian Blakely’s suggestion that we withdraw because frankly I have no idea what Paddy Tipping does. every decision seems to be taken behind closed doors and there is no public engagement. I’m trained as both a solicitor and a criminologist and as a former leader of the borough council I have the experience of running a large organisation. If I win then I’ll be doing things in a much more open and democratic way – public meetings across the county, inviting participation from local authorities and with a huge emphasis on teamwork between the police and the public, evidence led policing and a commitment to try and get the police the resources that they need. Maybe paddy should withdraw his candidacy and get behind me?

    Answering StellaK’s question, I currently work full time and act as a councillor as well. This will be the same if I win the election. My job will then be as the PCC.

    May I remind people also that there is a fairer voting system in this election where you vote for your top two candidates. As there are three candidates in Notts this means that there are no wasted votes, because everyone’s first or second choice will be counted. People can vote for their first choice knowing that even if they don’t win they still get a second vote. You can vote for who you want to win, rather than against who you want to lose.


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