1. I’m one of the geese, common and trying to make my way. If I can help someone , happy to do so.
    As a Liberal Democrat I’ve faced much abuse from the swans, they deride us, see us as an irritant in their sanctimonious self seeking ambitions, promise the world, deliver wordy statements without any intention of seeing them to fruition.
    Opportunity is their raison d’etre, bugger the truth , grab every chance to keep being the shallow self seeking , masters of mediocrity, which sadly, many accept . The reality is harsh and pretensions and falsehoods which garner the support of the naive , to be regretted.
    Happy Easter,



    1. Think about the metaphors. Swans demonstrate characteristics we look for in politicians whatever their political persuasion.
      They work hard to achieve what’s necessary. They paddle furiously but move serenely. They build large and strong platforms in sensible places for the future. (You can make out the nest in the pictures when you look carefully). They nurture their large brood carefully and will defend them tenaciously. Unlike birds of prey, they don’t gobble up other animals.
      Swans are ‘special’ though. Is this the rub? Remember we are all special in our own ways and want to be treated as such.
      Swans are leaders on the river – something to be said for that.


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