Actions speak louder than words!

Councillor Hannah Land has asked us to share a recent Facebook post:

Hannah said, “A couple of months ago a resident on Moor Lane contacted me about the old telephone exchange box near the bottom of the school field. You can see how messy it was! I’m delighted to see it’s been taken away and the resident got in touch to say thanks too. I’m indebted to Councillor Steve Carr who managed to sort this out.”

This is just one example of a concerned resident asking a local Councillor for help in improving our community. There are many examples and we often share these on this website and our social media pages.

The May elections this year are not a time to vote for your usual flavour of politics. It’s about voting for the right people who will go the extra mile to represent you in County Council matters. So please consider who talks a good talk but, more importantly, who actually walks the walk and answers your emails and gets thing done!


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