1. ” EXERCISING OF DOGS ” is a polite way of stating ” THIS IS NOT A DOG TOILET ” , but then Dog Keepers are exempt from abiding by Laws , Rules and Regulations I too often observe .


  2. I am a dog owner and always clear up after my dogs. Ian P- don’t judge every dog walker unfairly there is always an element of society who don’t abide by the rules.


    1. Your dog’s faeces and urine pollute others’ property and shoes . Where do you dispose of collected waste and who pays for its further collection and destruction ? If you must enslave a sentient being why not create a dog toilet area at home ? Please , wake-up to reality .


      1. Ian P dear me don’t know where you get your knowledge about dog faeces and urine polluting property and peoples shoes the comment has given me a laugh this morning as I get ready to take my dogs out and pollute Bramcote. Not a animal lover, glad we are all not like you the world would be a terrible place.


      2. “Animal lovers “do not enslave them or find humour in their indiscriminate pollution of our precious environment .


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