Nottinghamshire County Council: Rules on Using Nottinghamshire’s Recycling Centres in Lockdown

Nottinghamshire County Council Media Release:

Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste team are reminding residents that the county’s 12 recycling centres remain open but only for items that can not be stored safely at home until after lockdown ends, as part of the Government’s Covid lockdown guidance.

Mick Allen, Group Manager for Place Commissioning, Place and Communities at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “We have noticed an increasing number of people are visiting the sites which is resulting in queueing at busy times. 

“I’d like to remind residents that we are currently in a national lockdown and people should only be taking waste to the recycling centres if absolutely necessary and the waste cannot be stored safely at home or disposed of through the regular kerbside services.

“All our Recycling Centres are currently open 8am to 6pm, which will extend to 8am to 8pm from 1st April, so people will have more time to dispose of their waste at the sites once lockdown eases.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to local people who have worked with us during these challenging times and also to the staff who are working hard to keep the sites open and running.”

Nottinghamshire County Council is reminding residents:

  • Only visit one of our sites if you absolutely have to dispose of waste, and then only use your nearest centre. Recycling centre details | Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Social distancing measures are still in place at their sites and you may have to queue. Please avoid queuing on main roads.
  • Sort your waste in to different types before you arrive.
  • Avoid busy periods if possible, such as weekends and between 10am and 4pm.
  • Only one person should get out of each car so just take waste that you can comfortably carry by yourself. The sites cannot currently provide help to carry your waste except in emergency situations.
  • Visitors are advised to wear a face covering at the centres if their health allows and should stay at home if they have coronavirus symptoms.
  • Visitors are advised to sanitise their hands before arrival and as they leave.
  • The sites only accept household waste from Nottinghamshire residents who have a permit and no commercial waste. Recycling centre registration FAQs | Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Use your kerbside collection bins as much as possible – check your local district or borough council for more information
  • If you need to visit the West Bridgford site p[lease remember to book a slot online Book a slot to visit West Bridgford Recycling Centre | Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Before visiting please read our frequently asked questions on the website which tells you more about how we’re working during the pandemic Recycling centres during Covid-19: frequently asked questions | Nottinghamshire County Council

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