Bramcote Today celebrate our first decade

Ten years ago, we launched our community website at the Bramcote CAT meeting in Bramcote Memorial Hall. It was a new initiative supported by Broxtowe Borough Council and our then Councillor, Stan Heptinstall.

At Monday’s CAT meeting we celebrated our first decade a little differently. We still had a presentation to show, but this time we met on Zoom. Click below to download and view our presentation. It’s an updated version of the presentation we gave three years ago when we relaunched with a new website.

Several attendees asked questions such as do we believe the Facebook group NG9 had detrimentally affected our popularity and if life on line had improved it. Personally, I think NG9 and Bramcote Today, whilst sometimes share posts, in the main serve different purposes. And our stats haven’t noticeably improved in the last year. I did suggest that Anna Soubry’s local updates had attracted a lot of attention – good and bad, but kept readers engaged. Cllr David Watts thanked Steve, Mike and I for our ten years of voluntary service in sharing Bramcote news and giving residents a platform to air their views.

We welcome suggestions for posts – please share Bramcote updates with us and, if you haven’t already, please subscribe on our home page of the website. If you subscribe (free) you will receive an email notification each time we post an article on our blog.

Here’s to the next decade………..



  1. My personal thanks for your efforts these last 10 years. Your commitment, dedication and impartiality have and are a service to the Community not to be underestimated.

    So Steve, Mike and Sue ‘Thank You’ long may you continue to serve your Bramcote Today contributors and readers alike.

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  2. As all of those who are looking at this Bramcote today makes for interesting reading and for this much gratitude must be expressed to Sue, Mike and Steve for the effort put into its compilation. To continue showing their appreciation all of us who regularly study and enjoy it should make sure that all friends and acquaintances in Bramcote capable of receiving it are signed up so as to keep the community spirit alive.

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