What Has Happened to the Recycling Facility at Sainsbury?

I normally take plastics and tetra packs that Broxtowe Borough Council don’t want in their green recycling bin to the recycling facility at Sainsbury’s in Beeston. On last Monday there were no plastic recycling bins there. This morning all the recycling bins have gone except for one for clothes.

Is this the end of recycling at Saisbuury?

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  1. Thanks for the info as I have a bag of Plastics for Sainsbury’s. Would be good to know if it has ended as I don’t know of another recycling bank like it.
    Who knows it might push Broxtowe Council into doing more. I have never understood why Broxtowe can’t be more like Erewash where they can put tin foil and plastic food trays, plant pots etc in their recycling bins.
    Have no doubt the reason will be financial.


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