Darren Henry’s Update on 12th March 2021

Visiting the Village Hotel Vaccination Site

I am delighted to have visited the new vaccination site located in Broxtowe at The Village Hotel. This is great news for Broxtowe and is something that I have been calling for and lobbying our clinical leads on for quite some time. Great to see!

The programme as a whole is continuing to evaluate the data on the uptake of the vaccines in our communities and we are exploring where we need to establish other vaccination sites over time. You can find all the latest information regarding the programme here.

My thanks go out to all the staff and volunteers who are doing an amazing job getting this facility up and running and ensuring we are playing our part locally to get the country vaccinated and recover from covid-19.

It was wonderful to chat with patients and staff also about their experiences and thoughts on Covid-19, vaccines and our local roll-out. As ever, the team were fantastic. Well done everyone!

Covid-19 Vaccines

Speaking of vaccines, it has been another great week for the vaccine roll-out in Broxtowe and Nottinghamshire and now, from 11th March, the local Covid-19 vaccination booking system opened to residents aged 55!

You will be able to book a Covid-19 vaccination appointment by visiting the local booking link or by calling the local booking line on 0115 883 4640 between 8 am – 8 pm during weekdays and 9 am – 5 pm on weekends. Over 55s can also call the National Booking Service on 119 or use the national booking link to book an appointment at the large-scale Vaccination Centre or their nearest pharmacy-led Site.
• Equally, if you are aware of a person over 55, or in a previous cohort that has not received their letter please urge them to book their vaccine as soon as possible!

Welcome news!

As Co-Chair of the Midlands Engine APPG, I am so pleased to see that following the Midlands Freeport announcement we can welcome additional benefits of an offshore wind farm nearby!

This is a major step towards producing the clean, cheap energy we need to power our homes and economy without damaging the environment.

Funding for Broxtowe

One thing I have been keeping my eye on is the new Levelling Up Fund recently announced by Government. Now more than ever, we have to seize opportunities that are available to us and I want to make sure that Broxtowe is at the front of the queue for funding opportunities that will benefit our community.

This fund will invest in local infrastructure that has a visible impact on people and communities that have been overlooked for investment, like here in Broxtowe.

I see this fund being used to help drive our local economic recovery, delivering the infrastructure our communities need. With this in mind, I aim to work closely with our Local Authority as with our local community to ensure we shape this bid together!

Supporting Maternal Health Outcomes

This week, I spoke in the House of Commons (virtually) during the Statement during a really encouraging statement on the Women’s Health Strategy: Call for Evidence. I absolutely applaud this Statement from the Minister, especially being delivered on International Women’s Day.

I spoke on behalf of Broxtowe Constituent Sarah Kolawole and her daughter Ariella Kolawole who sadly passed away shortly after being born in February 2019. I outlined to the Minister that I welcomed all of the research that has been conducted to explore why negative birth outcomes and traumatic births for pregnant women of black African and Caribbean descent are more frequent than for other ethnicities. But I wanted to make sure that, as we move forward with our NHS Long Term Plan, if she agreed with me that we must use this call for evidence to ensure that equal outcomes are achieved for mothers of all ethnicities.

We know that damaging taboos and stigmas remain around many areas of women’s health, which can prevent women from starting conversations about their health or seeking support for a health issue.
• So, I would urge you to come forward and have your say, so we can make sure our nation’s health system truly works for the whole nation!

Push Bike Broxtowe

Very glad to see the Fix Your Bike Scheme has re-opened this week! If you have an old bike gathering dust at home, you can apply for a voucher of up to £50 to get it repaired. Apply for a voucher here.

This week will involve hosting another fantastic three Push Bike Broxtowe meetings – one productive meeting already held on a Festival and two due this evening: one on Schools & Neighbourhoods, and another on Strategy, Planning and Places. This all builds on what was discussed at this week’s APPG on Cycling and Walking.

I am so grateful for the interest and energy from our community to see a modal shift to cycling, particularly for short journeys. Faces are becoming familiar at our meetings!

Now that we are in Spring, I have been cycling more and I would encourage others to do the same. We all know cycling around Broxtowe is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore more of this part of Nottinghamshire. Here is some great information on the best places to cycle around Broxtowe that I hope you will find useful!

Reforming the Mental Health Act

This week, I also finished my response to the White Paper on Reforming the Mental Health Act!

The act has long been outdated and it is my hope that engaging many of the recommended changes will fire the starting gun on changing the way our country views and treats mental health conditions.

Having spoken to stakeholders including Mind, The National Autistic Society, Rethink Mental Illness and the Mental Health Foundation, I really think this is our chance to work together, making this a better place for those suffering from mental ill-health.

Armed Forces Bill Committee

This week, we held our second and third evidence sessions of the Armed Forces Bill 2019-21.

Right now, we are seeking written evidence on all provisions within the Bill and on a number of additional topics.

• As discussed in last week’s update, I am keen to keep in close contact with our local community throughout this process, and I encourage anyone with experiences in this field to submit their thoughts here.

Meetings and Surgeries

This week I was delighted to meet again with people from Stapleford Town Football Club to discuss in more detail the work they do in the local community in Stapleford. A truly incredible bunch of people doing great work. I look forward to working with them going forward, and visiting them when restrictions allow!

As ever, it was great to speak to so many residents through my virtual surgeries. A lot of good points were raised from many people across the constituency. You can arrange a call with me by sending an email to darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk

Until next week, stay safe

Our mailing address is:
168 Derby Road,


  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-factsheets/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-protest-powers-factsheet

    Dear Darren,

    In light of last night’s appalling mishandling of the vigil on Clapham Common by the Met, may I ask you to consider NOT supporting the Bill this coming week until you are satisfied that it would have prevented last night whilst dealing with the issues that the Home Secretary says led her to bring forward this bill.

    Last night the Met took us all a step backwards in policing by consent by the way they handled an event that may well turn out – once justice has had its day – was a response to a murder for which one of their own was the culprit.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh come on, it wasn’t a vigil at all but another agitprop demonstration where people (numerous maskless) incited by loudhailers were crammed together in defiance of the social distancing rules and incited into provoking the cops. Did you see the Extinction Rebellion flags there too?
      What would you like the cops to do? Ignore the mass gathering? Ignore the incitement? I do wish we still had water cannons and weren’t too afraid to use them on gatherings like this.
      Not for one minute would anyone condone what has (allegedly) befallen that poor woman, but this riotous behaviour does nothing to help but makes things worse. Trump found that out. If anyone is to blame for this event turning nasty it’s the agitators who attended despite the organisers cancelling the gathering .


  2. Rich
    You may have access to a detailed analysis of the motivations of all of the attendees (I suspect that there were many) and you may know what terms of reference were given to the police. If
    you do not your judgement must be unsound.


    1. Michael H
      And your thoughts on the similar ‘protest’ that took place outside the Bridewell police station in Bristol?
      I suggest that the motivations of the ‘protestors’ to enagage in such rioutous and violent behaviour against the police and against the fabric of the city is totally irrelevant and simply needs to be dealt with. Robustly.
      This is not peaceful protesting in a socially-distanced mask-wearing Covid world where we shouldn’t be gathering in numbers at all. No person of decent morals would support the actions of this mob.


  3. Difficult times for this country. People may feel quiet protest doesn’t work whilst many protests end up attracting disrputive individuals. Police need to be consistent – allowing staues to be thrown in ariver in Bristol but different approach at the weekend. With Clapham Common the politicians shown to be cowards – pass legislation banning protests and then complain when a pet protest of theirs is broken up by police enacting the law. Worth noting in Glasgow, police left Rangers fans to celebrate and no violent escalation and we await wherther covid cases went up.
    Politics in UK is also poor – seems apart from 50 Tory MPs there is no opposition in this country and Labour and SNP will support whatever the Johnson government wants in terms of covid lockdowns and curtailing of freedoms. In Broxtwe we now have for first time in decades a sheep MP; does Darren have an original thought of his own? This is quite sad after Anna Soubry and Nick Palmer; Anna certainly missed as a constituency MP. Also useful to know from our local councillors what has happened to the Libdems as they now seem totally irrelevant nationally..
    All very depressing, as with Labour going backwards under Starmer we are heading for a one party state.


  4. It is very important in coming to any judgement that we base our conclusions on unbiased impartial evidence. The sad truth is that we do not have access to any.


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