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Tips to help reduce food waste | Thinking about a spring clean? | Easter recycling tips | Make an infinity scarf from recycled materials | An egg-cellent chocolate mousse recipe | And more!

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Waste and Recycling


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Nottinghamshire Recycles

Welcome to the March edition of our waste and recycling e-newsletter.

In this month’s email find information on:

  • Food Waste Action Week
  • Tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle more
  • ‘How to’ video of how to make an infinity scarf from recycled materials
  • Easter goodies recycling tips
  • Recycling centre opening hours change reminder
  • And more!

Food Waste Action Week

Food waste feeds climate change

Interesting fact…

…Over two-thirds of the food we waste is perfectly edible.

We’re supporting Love Food Hate Waste’s first ever #FoodWasteActionWeek so here’s some handy tips to help you reduce your food waste:

❓ Know the difference between food date labels – ‘Use by’ is about safety – food should not be eaten after this date. Whereas ‘Best before’ is about quality – food will be safe to eat for some time after the date.

❗ Reduce your food waste and make delicious meals instead – download your FREE Love Your Leftovers Cookbook.

❓ Too much milk? Don’t pour it away. Be a freezer hero and pop it into ice cubes trays and freeze. By doing this you have the perfect amount for your next lovely cuppa and saves money too.

❗ Check out the chill! The average fridge temperature in UK homes is nearly 7°C, but foods will last longer if they are kept at under 5°C.

❓ Never quite sure where to store your fruit and veg? Most fruit will stay fresher in the fridge except bananas and pineapples – these are better in the fruit bowl. Onions and potatoes prefer a cool, dark place. Find out more about where things can be stored.

❗ It’s a fact that 1.5 million whole tomatoes get wasted every day in the UK. Why not turn yours into a delicious soup? Soups served hot or cold can be a happy ending for lots of different leftovers, so let’s get creative and save money as well. Discover more delicious seasonal recipes.

❓ Often find you have leftover bread? Bread is great for freezing so put your sliced loaf in the freezer and then you can take a slice at a time and pop it in the toaster straight from frozen.

Share your food waste reduction tips with us on social media using #NottsRecycles.

Getting ready for a spring clean?

person cleaning kitchen floor with a mop

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle where possible. Whilst we cannot stop waste production entirely, we can all help make a difference.

So if you’re having a spring clean at home think before you bin. It saves energy and natural resources, helps to reduce pollution and reduces the need for landfill.

We should only visit recycling centres if essential right now during the national lock down. If you can safely store waste/ recycling at home until the stay at home message is lifted please do.

Don’t forget to contact your local district or borough council to check which waste services are running in your area.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. tips

Did you know?

a variety of plastic bottles, without the lids, that you can recycle

It’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are used in the UK every day, yet 15 million of these are not recycled.

If we don’t continue to recycle and improve our efforts we could become a plastic planet.

From bleach and cleaning fluid bottles, to shampoo and shower gel bottles – when they’re empty remove the top/lid, give them a quick rinse and pop them in your recycling bin.

Let’s all play our part, because together we can make a difference.


Mother’s Day all wrapped up

lady wearing scarf made out of recycled materials

Looking for an original present for your mum, grandma or special lady in your life on Mother’s day or just fancy giving yourself a treat?

Check out this ‘how to’ video showing us how easy it is to make a beautiful handmade infinity scarf using recycled materials!

The video is accompanied by a step by step downloadable guide.

Watch now

Easter’s on the way

easter egg packaging

Easter is just a few weeks away and the shops are filling up with all those delicious Easter treats. From chocolate bunnies to Easter eggs, do you know what Easter goodies packaging you can and can’t recycle?

If you are planning on buying Easter eggs here are some recycling tips:

  • Choose packs that have little or no plastic wrapping.
  • Cardboard boxes without plastic can go straight in the recycling bin, if there is any plastic inside remove it first.
  • Make sure any foil wrapping goes in the general waste bin.

An egg-cellent Chocolate Mousse recipe

chocolate mousse in cups

Looking for an end of week treat? Check out this egg-cellent Chocolate Mousse recipe.

This easy Love Your Leftover recipe as a great way of turning any leftover chocolate into a delicious treat.

View recipe

International Day of Forests

journey of a cardboard box

March 21 is the UN International Day of Forests aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the earth’s forests.

To help celebrate and support our forests you can take part without leaving home…

…It takes 17 trees to make 1 tonne of paper so every time you put paper or cardboard in your recycling bin you are helping to produce more recycled cardboard. And as no trees have to be cut down to make recycled cardboard you’re helping save trees and forests!

Watch the journey of a cardboard box >>>

Recycling centre opening hours change

man at recycling centre

The evenings are starting to get a little lighter so our recycling centres have extended their opening times by two hours.

All 12 recycling centres across Notts are now open 8am – 6pm daily.

However, in line with the national lockdown restrictions we encourage residents to continue to follow the Government’s ‘stay at home’ advice and only visit if it is essential for now.

Find your nearest recycling centre 

Working in partnership


Thank you Nottinghamshire for doing your bit through the COVID pandemic


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