The Pudding Pantry is coming to Beeston

As Nottingham Local news shared early February, the popular Pudding Pantry (currently based in Sherwood and Trinity Square, Nottingham, is coming to Beeston. I shared their story on our Facebook page and it was a hugely popular post. You can click to view their story.

I have been in contact with Anthony who has advised building delays (significant delays with the replacement windows and the extension) are holding back their launch but they are hopeful it will be in May. He has shared the above images and said:

We are really excited about expanding to the south of the city, we have watched the development in the area over the last few years and recognise it as a significant suburb of Nottingham to rival West Bridgford. We’re confident we’ll be a great addition to Beeston and that we already have a customer base there that will support us.

Visit for the full menu and further information.



  1. Even more sadly, we have far far far too much by far the substituting of cane sugar (‘normal sugar’) with cheaper, sweeter, ‘high fructose’ alternatives, in far too many foods. Such adulteration leads to an ‘addiction’ to food and then to suffering obesity and diabetes and fatty liver damage. Yet where are the regulations to thwart such unhealthy substitutions in the food we buy ‘off the shelf’?

    Pretty much the only way to avoid unhealthy food is to avoid all the supermarkets!!

    The other way is to patiently read the ingredients labels (magnifying glass or x4 reading glasses needed) and reject anything with more than, for example five ingredients, as being suspicious… There are certain ingredients, all too commonly used, that are a must-avoid. Yet such unhealthy (cheap) ingredients are used with impunity despite the extra cost to our NHS for treating the extra ailments subsequently caused. This is not just simply a ‘lifestyle’ choice…

    As for the Pudding Pantry: Their breakfasts look good and they look to be good in sensible fun moderation. Hopefully they will include healthy options (fruit! Yogurt!!) also.

    Post-COVID, I wish them good luck for their new venture!

    Hopefully, they will help in revitalizing Beeston.

    Stay COVID safe!


    1. Martin L’s comment looks like another free advertisement for this unnecessary business . Will it have extra wide doors in anticipation of regular customers’ needs ?


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