1. Inevitable that the owners would appeal. Since lockdown many other families have discovered this wonderful little unspoilt jewel without probably realising they are technically on private land. I hope someone will start a petition against this monstrous development of luxury housing and the devastation it will cause to the trees and habitation.


  2. Hello Steve
    I made comments about this application to both the City and Broxtowe on the original application. Will sending any further comments make any difference as I think I covered most of my objections before. Will the Neighbourhood Forum be contributing?


    1. The comments you have already made will be forwarded to the Inspector. There is no point in writing further unless you have new arguments/points for or against the original proposal.
      I don’t know at this stage what the Neighbourhood Forum will do. The appeal notice has been forwarded to the Forum Steering Group by the Chair, Paul Nathanail but, as this notice has only just arrived, its not been discussed.


  3. I have written to Ms Palmer to restate our views and ask that the refusal be upheld for the sake of the environment and wildlife.


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