Town Street/Chilwell Lane Closure Progress to 17 February

Slow progress. Barely 2 courses a day. Concrete backfill tomorrow then raise the scaffolding. Finish this week? Doesn’t look likely. Suggestion more wall is unsafe and will have to be rebuilt.

Photograph taken on 15 February for comparison:


  1. See news report 16th February:

    Work to repair a collapsed wall on a busy route in Nottinghamshire will take another week to complete, it has been confirmed.

    A section of the structure in Town Street, Bramcote Village, has been closed past where it meets Chilwell Lane after a small landslide caused a wall to collapse.

    Bricks, mud and debris tumbled into the middle of the road at the corner known locally as ‘Devil’s Bend’.

    The incident happened at around 1.30pm on Sunday, February 7.

    As a result, the typically busy road was closed by Nottinghamshire Police with a blockade established and a sign informing motorists to seek an alternative route.

    The busy route in Bramcote Village was set to remain closed until the end of this week (Friday, February 19) to allow repair works to be done.

    But an update from Nottinghamshire County Council confirmed the road closure would continue until February 26 to allow work to be completed.

    A large diversion has been put in place for motorists, as there is no other direct route.

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  2. No doubt good progress is being made by those who are there doing the work. That’s quite heavy work compared to ‘just’ throwing bricks or breezeblocks around.

    ‘Obviously’… That route must be considered to be a minor route and so there is no great urgency to rush the work.

    What is especially noticeable: How much more pleasant is that area of Bramcote and Chilwell without any large vehicles passing through! There is also noticeably less noise due to the reduced traffic bouncing over the speed humps on Bramcote Avenue, Cator Lane and Hall Drive.

    Can we restrict that road for use by cars, buses and cyclists only?

    Thanks for the status updates.


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