Government funding to boost pothole repairs

£2.28million is set to be invested into fixing potholes in Nottinghamshire.

The funding has been awarded to Nottinghamshire County Council as part of the Government’s £2.5billion Pothole Fund and joins the overall allocation of £22.57million for local road maintenance.

This allocation from the Department for Transport (DfT) is the second instalment from the fund and is a key part of our highway’s capital spending programme, which was approved by the Communities and Place Committee in January.  

Councillor John Cottee, Chairman of the Communities and Place Committee, said: “We welcome this investment from the Department of Transport.

“We know that potholes are a large concern for our communities, and so over the last three years, we have invested an extra £24million of highways funding to deliver urgent repairs across Nottinghamshire.

“We are committed to keeping the 2,734 miles of road across the county in the safest condition possible to ensure that Nottinghamshire is a great place to live, travel through, visit and start your business.

“It is important to remember that this extra funding will not solve all of the county’s road issues, but we will continue to work closely with Via East Midlands to deliver repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Our highways inspection team do an excellent job carrying our regular inspections of all roads across Nottinghamshire, but we also rely on our communities to report any road defects to us.

“I’d like to thank people who have done this and encourage others to do the same using the MyNotts app or our website”



  1. Here we go again. A press release from Nottinghamshire County Council about potholes which just before an election everyone becomes an expert in.

    It is about time they was repaired and not bodged up.

    The state of the local roads is really bad and the so called repairs which they have to do time and time again are such a massive waste of money, if only they did a repair in the first place.

    But I am sure election promises will be once again made to sort the roads out, fix the potholes and such.

    The amount of issues I have passed to the two County Councillors and not had a single reply is absolutely disgusting and one of them is standing again.


  2. Repairing potholes doesn’t seem to work in the UK as with the first frost they reappear. Surely the only solution is to resurface the roads. I’m sure most road surfaces are well beyond their designed life.


  3. Very good news to bring roads back to safe standards. The key is to ensure all repairs are carried out correctly with care so as not be be in same state a few months later


  4. This sounds like a lot of money but how far will it go? Deddington Lane is appalling and needs its length totally resurfacing. Eastcote Avenue has problems. Further away, a significant length of Wollaton Road needs urgent attention. The list will go on and on.
    More money in the pork barrel, please!


  5. Repairing potholes has to be done properly, not teh usual fill it with tarmac as that doesn’t bond properly and comes out quite quickly – a classic is one on left after you turn right from Derby Road at the Nurseryman. You have to cut back some way around the hole and deeper than it and repair properly. One large one was repaired properly outside our house last year after a decade of annual fill-ins. As an aside this work should have been started months ago when traffic was light.


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