New Planning Application Fishpond Cottage

A revised planning application has appeared on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website:

Fishpond Cottage 51 Ilkeston Road Bramcote Nottinghamshire NG9 3JP
Planning Reference: 21/00038/REG3
Received Week Ending: 19/01/2021
Applicant: Mr Peter Goodrick
Proposal: Construct 3 houses and 2 apartments with associated parking and dropped kerb including provision of new driveway to existing cottage and demolition of single storey extension.
Details are still to be fully published. They will appear on Broxtowe Borough Council’s website in the next few days


  1. I would still like to develop the old house and land to the right as a cafe community space and leave the house in tact.


  2. Is this a proposal to develop and run a cafe yourself or is it a wish that somebody would do it?


  3. I welcome the proposal to retain the old cottage. According to Historic England ‘sympathetically upgrading and reusing existing buildings, rather than demolishing and building new, could dramatically improve a building’s energy efficiency and would make substantial energy savings because the CO₂ emissions already embodied within existing buildings would not be lost through demolition’. Our borough council has declared a ‘Climate Change Emergency’ so this change in heart makes sense.

    I do have some reservations which I intend to submit as part of the consultation process and would encourage others to have their say, even where they have previously responded to the pre-application survey.


  4. The original plan was 7 houses and a apartment block being built on the land and demolish the cottage.The residents who live behind the cottage and people who live in Bramcote put up a fight to get the planning for this stopped .We held meetings and had a petition with over 80 signatures all against the plan .Now they have come up with this new plan but less houses but we all have the same concerns as before.Please help us elderly residents to get this new plan stopped as well.Our other concern is family houses built so close to the busy Ilkeston Road and the pond behind not a ideal place for children .Elderly people’s bungalows would have been much better and within keeping of this lovely area


  5. Previous comments say the area is owned by the Council. How can a third party apply for Planning Permission? Don’t understand how this works unless the land has been sold. Put the cottage and garden up for sale and let the
    Parks Dept look after the rest. If the Council is desperate to provide new housing sort out the overgrown waste land at the junction of Derby Rd and Cemetery Rd Stapleford.


    1. You don’t have to be the land owner in order to apply for planning consent to build on the land.
      But in this case, the person applying is Broxtowe Council’s interim housing manager; a council can apply to itself for planning consent – although with such a vested interest in the outcome one might question the degree of impartiality.
      Why the council is paying outside consultants to put the planning application together and lodge it when it has relevant internal expertise already is a good question and some might say is not the best use of our council tax.


  6. HELP – Please could the 130 people, plus any other interested parties, who objected to this family housing development last time, please find the time and energy to object to this formal application. Last time 66% of locals who responded, did not support the cottage being demolished so this is not currently happening. However, a higher percentage (76%) strongly opposed the development being for families but this has been ignored by the council. We all agree, I am sure, that family housing is needed – but in the right location. This area is not the right location. This development will be sandwiched between an extremely busy main road and a community of vulnerable, elderly and mostly single residents. The Planning Dept has sent out a letter this week with no enclosures of pictures/drawings/plans etc., just a link to how the application can be found on their website. A consultation form was included. There are many residents who do not have access to the internet or would not be able to find this application online. The council’s advice to those who can’t access the internet, is to go to the Council Offices or the local library to view the application! I’m speechless about that – I thought we were in the middle of a national lockdown? I, therefore, would please ask any of you who have any neighbours who are unable to view these documents online, to please offer them your help so they can complete the consultation form having seen the whole picture. I have written to the council asking why drawings/plans weren’t included this time (as they were for the first proposal) but have yet to hear from them. I have asked them to send out the full details but this may take time and may not even happen. The deadline for responses is 11 March. Many thanks in advance for your help given to your neighbours. At a time when we all need support and kindness, the timing and type of this application seems so unfair to me.


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