Garden Waste Subscription 2021/22

Garden Waste Subscription 2021/22

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15th February 2021

Garden waste subscription 2021/22 

It’s that time of year, when residents in Broxtowe can renew their garden waste subscription for the year ahead.

For the current subscribers we are sure you have seen the value of this service over the past year and are looking forward to the new season ahead.  

Please note this covers the period 5th April 2021 to 3rd April 2022 

Garden waste subscription

Subscribe today! 

Please subscribe before 15th March 2021 to ensure you receive your bin/s and/or sticker/s by the start date of 5th April 2021.

Subscriptions made after 15th March 2021 can take up to 10 working days to be processed and therefore collections from 5th April 2021 cannot be guaranteed.

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Benefits of the service

  • Reduced trips to the local household waste and recycling centre (using less fuel) and no need for garden waste to be in your vehicle.
  • Convenient all year round garden waste removal, from your home.
  • Great value at the equivalent of just £1.56 per collection (based on 23 collections).
  • Easy payments made online, through freephone or customer services.
  • Collection of leaves, grass cuttings, weeds, twigs, cut flowers or house plants and hedge trimmings – so you can keep your whole garden looking good all year round.
  • Peace of mind knowing your garden waste will be turned into compost and used again.

Garden waste items

leaves full in garden waste bin  

We collect the following through our garden waste service:

Leaves, grass cuttings, weeds, flowers. Garden or house plants, prunings, twigs, hedge trimmings and cut flowers. 

Please do not put any food waste into the garden waste bin.

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