When Are We Going To Get Out of Lockdown?

A question we would all like answer to. The press reports cases are going down. So what is the situation in Nottinghamshire? Cases are going down but only slowly. We will remain in lockdown for longer than we would like unless we follow the guidance. Make sure you maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly and get vaccinated when you are offered it.

Here’s some data from https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/cases

Cases by specimen date:

23/01/202124/01/202125/01/202126/01/202127/01/202128/01/202129/01/2021Cases in 7 Days to 29/01/202130/01/202131/01/202101/02/202102/02/202102/02/202104/02/202105/02/2021Cases in 7 Days to 05/02/202106/02/202107/02/202108/02/202109/02/202110/02/202111/02/202112/02/2021Cases in 7 Days to 12/02/2021
Newark and Sherwood57454625503544302Newark and Sherwood44283826294646257Newark and Sherwood28394635515556310Newark and Sherwood


  1. Sadly as can see from abve numbers, there has been little change in cases in Notts/Nottingham. We are now one of worst counties in the country; Broxtowe best in the county but still well above UK case average, whilst Bramcote worse than Broxtowe overall. Always see a lot of people out and about and Beeston always busy, so seems many are getting complacent and Notts police rarely feature in the fanatical police news items. If we return to tiers likely we wil be in top one.
    On positive note, great to see vaccinations going well and Kings Meadow having a number of Broxtowe Council staff help run it.


  2. Remember: This virus won’t go away. It will move from being an epidemic to endemic. It will always be with us. Spanish Flu of 1918 is still with us in the genomes of influenza viruses circulating now. These kill 20,000 people a year.
    We will learn to live with COVID-19 but we won’t simply move to a pre-lockdown world.


    1. I wish people wouldn’t keep comparing Covid with flu. They are very different viruses. Covid is much nastier and more lethal.. We really don’t know how it will pan out. Anyone who says otherwise is making it up.


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