HS2 East is a MUST for the East Midlands

Nottinghamshire County Council Media Release

Councillors United in Support for Rail Project

Further calls were made yesterday urging the Government to push ahead with concrete plans for HS2 East.

Councillor Kay Cutts MBE, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council and chairman of the HS2 Executive Board, said that the further transformation, development and economic growth of the East Midlands made HS2 East vital for the region.

Her remarks were made at a County Council’s Policy Committee and received cross party support from councillors who echoed Cllr Cutts’ boast that “everyone involved had to keep the pressure up and press ministers hard on their promise to level up the country.”

Cllr Cutts said: “There is tremendous support for HS2 East from across the political spectrum and I want to thank local councillors and MPs for playing their part.

“We will not let up on lobbying the Government to commit to HS2 East which we know will have significant impact in boosting capacity and connectivity improvements in the region as well as helping with the immediate economic recovery of COVID-19.”

Cllr Cutts said that the 100-year project would contribute to the prosperity of the whole of the East Midlands, with thousands of jobs, a new village, hundreds of new homes, economic development and innovation opportunities.

She added: “This project will not be paid off immediately and it is very short sighted of people who think that is the case.

“This is our chance to boost and invigorate this region for future generations. You cannot argue with the stats that clearly state for every £1 invested in the Eastern leg, £2 will be generated.

“And for every 500 miles travelled on HS2 East, a journey of 70 miles by car would use the same amount of carbon. In today’s world of reducing our carbon footprint, these figures speak for themselves.”

“The Victorians gave us the railways to serve our generation and we need to create the rail infrastructure fit for the next generation.”

Cllr Cutts also pointed to the opportunities that Brexit had opened.

“We need to grab the innovation and new business opportunities with both hands following Brexit,” she said.

“We need to build on our existing strengths in manufacturing, technology, and a wide range of other high-value services.

“HS2 East will undoubtedly improve the long-term prosperity of the East Midlands and I, and my colleagues, will be leading the charge to make sure it happens.”

To find out more, visit www.hs2east.co.uk

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