RideWise Bike Library

I am SO excited about the RideWise Bike Library – borrow a bike, free of charge and get cycling. 

Available for adults and kids, includes a range of ebikes and adapted bikes too.

Choose from a 2 month or 4 week free loan.

They will deliver the bike with helmet, lock & lights too. 

Email them at customerservices@ridewise.org.uk to book a bike from the Bike Library.

This is available for people in the County and the City.

Councillor Richard MacRae 

Stapleford North Ward 

Stapleford Town Council 

Broxtowe Borough Council 

0774 034 4427



1 Comment

  1. Does this include the essentials : CYCLING PROFICIENCY training , HI-VIS jacket/waistcoat + backpack cover and 3rd party INSURANCE ?


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