Steve Carr Reselected

Steve Carr

I’m Steve Carr and I have been the County Councillor for Bramcote and Beeston North since 2003.

It’s been a privilege to represent local residents and if elected again in May, I will continue to work hard and campaign for you all year round, not just when an election is due.

Many of you know me from our regular Focus leaflets and some will have seen me around the area dealing with casework and providing advice and information. I am known for being easily contactable and responsive to residents.

Having been a Borough and County Councillor for 18 years I have a wealth of experience which I will use to benefit the residents I represent.

My wife and I have lived in the area for over 30 years and my son was educated in local schools. I have, and will continue to, work closely with local partners in order to progress some of the exciting projects coming up in the area, such as a new Leisure Centre and a new School.


  1. I would personally like to thank not only Steve but also his wife Barbara as they have always helped me with many issues, over the past 4 years the two County Councillors for Stapleford have not replied to a single email I have sent them or attended a single meeting I have invited them to so I have taken issues to Councillor Steve Carr as a County Councillor and he has always helped me.


  2. Steve – not to take away anything from your length of public service but the county ward of Bramcote and Beeston North did not exist until 2015. Until then, Bramcote ward enjoyed the benefit of two county councillors. The splitting of Bramcote between two wards and splicing it on to Beeston North and parts of Stapleford is a matter of regret for many of us.

    Best wishes for the upcoming campaign to you and all who put themselves forward for public service.



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