Local Link Buses 10 and 11

Councillor Steve Carr writes:

I have been trying to find out what the City Council’s intentions are with regard to the Local Link Buses. I have had an email from County Hall and potentially it is very bad news for our area. I will be lobbying hard for the County Council to either fund these routes or run them themselves. 

The email reads as follows;

Hello Cllr,

We were advised by the City Council that they are consulting over the proposed withdrawal of the L9,10,11 bus routes which will have some impact on areas within the County. The Transport Team are looking at what options there are to help residents who may rely on public transport and they will be briefing Cllr Cottee as soon as possible. Once we have done that we will be talking to Members in the affected areas and I will ensure that we arrange a meeting with you to talk through the options.



Chris Ward
Manager, Transport & Travel Services,
Highways & Transport,
Nottinghamshire County Council.

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