Local Election May 6th

Councillor Steve Carr writes:

The Liberal Democrats in Bramcote and Beeston North keep you up to date by delivering Focus. We have many local volunteers who do this.

The Government has this weekend issued an instruction to political parties that the delivery of community information leaflets must cease nationwide.  This instruction comes as we approach a local election in May that could be one of the biggest spreader events the country has faced.

Interestingly, whilst volunteers properly social distancing and using the correct PPE are stopped from delivery, people employed on low-payed zero-hours contracts whose only income comes from the deliveries they make, do not qualify for state support to stay at home even if they have the virus.

In order for people to stand for election in April we need to collect 10 signatures from local people face to face per candidate in what is the biggest round of elections this country has seen in recent years.  Thousands of opportunities to spread the virus before we even start to campaign or to queue at polling stations to vote.

I hope that the Government will again postpone the local elections to protect our NHS and save lives, however if they do not I would encourage everyone to apply for a postal vote (these deliveries are also permitted).

Elections need to be fair and transparent. A short campaign will give a huge advantage to those parties and candidates with money. That is not fair.


  1. Last week I heard mention that the LGA have written to the Government asking for a postponement until September.

    But we need to know ASAP and not at the last minute.

    I personally pay out my own pocket for my election leaflets and don’t want to have any printed to then be told the date is wrong and they then become no good.

    I am waiting for a reply regarding what I was told about the LGA and I am also about to email our MP too.


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